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Synopsis for "The New Silver Age"

The H'Mojen are merging themselves with the people of Earth, prompting Mister Fantastic to venture out into space to determine what became of the other worlds they have colonised. What Richards learns is that eventually the H'Mojen leave the colony worlds leaving the races they once possessed to try and figure out how to run their worlds that are now too advanced for them to operate.

Back on Earth, the rest of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have become enough of a issue that the Imperator and the H'Mojen have unleashed the Triax, massive insectoids, to keep the heroes busy while they begin converting the rest of the world. While Ben, Johnny and Spider-Man handle the insects, the Invisible Woman begins trying to contact allies to try and help them stop the invasion of the H'Mojen. Sue tries to contact the High Evolutionary in the hopes his evolutionary technology can reverse the effects of the invasion, however there is no answer when she calls. As the men defeat the Triax, they are picked up by the Invisible Woman and they program a course for the High Evolutionary's Citadel of Science on Wundagore Mountain. When they arrive, they find it under siege by soldiers that are possessed by the H'Mojen.

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man assist the New Men in fending off the invaders. In the aftermath of the battle, one of the New Men take them into the lab where he shows them a device that the New Men use to maintain their genetic integrity. They hope that Spider-Man's scientific background will help them understand how to work the device, but it is beyond his ability to understand. The Fantastic Four are unhappy when Spider-Man suggests they seek out the aid of Doctor Doom.

They soon arrive in Latveria and discover that the entire country has been converted by Doctor Doom, who is fighting off his own people. When the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man arrive, Doom fights them until Spider-Man asks for his help, showing him the device created by the High Evolutionary and telling him that Mister Fantastic is unable to figure out how to stop the invasion. Seeing the opportunity to best his long time foe, Doctor Doom agrees to help. Doctor Doom develops a device that will allow them to destabilise the alien device to stop anymore people from being possessed by the H'Mojen, while he builds a larger version to cure the entire planet. While in deep space, Mister Fantastic continues to search worlds previously possessed by the H'Mojen, and sees the same pattern over and over.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have tracked the Imperator to the Australian outback. When the Thing tries to blast the device he misses. But before they can do anything else, Spider-Man suddenly becomes violently ill and throws up a strange pile of purple goo on the ground.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The new Silver Society has had enough interference from the F.F. and Spider-Man, and The Imperator unleashes some strong deterrents in response.
  • While Reed Richards searches the galaxy for answers, our heroes find the situation so dire they have to make a deal with the devil — or worse, Doctor Doom!

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