Quote1 I don't think he cares about the ego boost anyway, guys... ...I think he was ready to get back to what he was fighting for. Quote2
-- Invisible Woman

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  • Former imperator (Only in flashback)
  • Imperator Next





Synopsis for "Pop."

In the middle of their attempt to stop the Imperator from continuing his invasion of Earth, Spider-Man has suddenly gotten sick, having thrown up he feels much better. Just then the Invisible Woman is contacted by Mister Fantastic who is on his way back to Earth after his mission to try and find a means of stopping the H'Mojen from colonising on Earth. Reed's ship soon lands before the rest and informs them that his hyperdrive would short out the Imperator's time displacement device. This allows the Thing to finally land a blow on their enemy, sending him flying across the outback. However the Imperator returns shorlty thereafter with an army of alien beasts to crush his foes.

The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man try their best to fight off these alien beasts, but they are too evenly matched. Suddenly, from out of Spider-Man's pile of vomit come a numer of Popuppians who merge into a massive creature and consume the alien creatures. The Poppupians announce that they have entered into survival mode to prevent extinction and destroy anything that threatens them. Spider-Man realises that this was growing inside him after the Impossible Man was seemingly incinerated. Meanwhile, the Poppupian Congolmorate blasts the Imperator, destroying his armor. The massive creature refuses to exist as a single entity, creating yet another invasive species on the Earth. Suddenly, the Poppupian Conglomorate is attacked by a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. It consumes the ship, spitting out the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers, separating them from the H'Mojen that possessed their bodies.

Learning that the Imperator succeeded his predacessor and how the H'Mojen possess other beings, the Fantastic Four manage to find a way to pull back the H'Mojen with the Imperator's device. While the Human Torch distracts the Popuppian Conglomorate long enough for them to contain them within the sphere as well. They then come up with an amicable solution: Merging the Poppupians and the H'Mojin into a unified race and allowing them to colonise a new world. In thanks, they erect a statue of Spider-Man, which the Thing thinks will get to the wall-crawler's head. With everything back to normal, Peter Parker spends time with his wife Mary Jane, who remembers very little about her possession. Trailing behind them is a stray cat which coughs up a hairball which turns into the Impossible Man, who has been alive and well this whole time.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Reed Richards is back, and so is someone else. And that someone is MAD. And not as charming as he was when we saw him last.
  • Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four have figured out how to save the human race, but now they have to save the alien invaders as well!


Continuity Notes

  • Mention is made that the Popuppians are a symbiotic species that continue to exist in their own DNA. This was learned in Fantastic Four #175.

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