For too long have I been content to rule an isolated kingdom at the edge of the world! Now, Sauron--
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Vincent Stegron (Earth-616) from Spider-Man and the X-Men Vol 1 1 001
And Sssstegron...
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Yes, and Stegron. Now we saurians shall retake our rightful place as rulers of the Earth! The time has come to reassert reptilian dominance, wrongly usurped by your warm-blooded treachery! Welcome to our newest colony! Welcome to New Savage Island!
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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 1.6 Textless
Hold up, is this Staten Island?! (Maybe I do wish we were in the Savage Land after all.)
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Synopsis for 1st story

After Wolverine died, Ororo found papers about inviting Spider-Man to teach to a new special class composed of the past students Ernst and No-Girl, but also Hellion, Rockslide, Shark-Girl, Glob Herman and Eye Boy, all considered to be "most likely to turn super villain" kids, but in fact as a way to find a mole working against the school. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and the Special Class have a lesson in the Danger Room, but Rockslide pushes him into a robot, which tries to crush him. Spider-Man then criticizes Rockslide for his actions and takes the special class to a museum. Suddenly, Stegron and Sauron appear in the museum and later defeats them. The Special Class later wake up in Staten Island, which had been transformed into the New Savage Land.

Solicit Synopsis

• Meet the Jean Grey Academy’s new guidance counselor: Spider-Man!

• What’s a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fueled the formation of his special student class?

• And because you demanded it! Sauron and Stegron the Dinosaur Man! The villain team 65 million years in the making! You didn’t demand it? Well somebody did.

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