Quote1 No Spidey, it's just the beginning. Across many dimensions, these four fearless Spider-Men, in all there various incarnations, must fight to reassemble the Tablet of Order and Chaos! Not just for the sake of their own worlds, but for the fate of every world in every dimension. Good luck Web-Slingers, we're all counting on you. Quote2
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On Earth-TRN579, Mysterio attempted to steal the Tablet of Order and Chaos, but was caught in the act by Spider-Man. During a brief scuffle, they broke the Tablet. It's pieces scattered across Earths TRN579 (present and 2099 A.D.), TRN580, and Earth-TRN581, although one stayed in the hands of Mysterio.

Madame Web sensed the damage of the time stream and recruited the Spider-Men of said realities to reassemble the Tablet. She also recruited the Spider-Men 1602 and the Mangaverse as backup.

The Spider-Men fought their worst enemies to rebuild the Tablet. When they had six pieces out of the ten pieces collected, Mysterio attacked Madame Web and took her hostage. He told his Spider-Man to bring him the rest of the Tablet to him or she would die.

Collecting the rest of the Tablet Spider-Man sneak-attacked Mysterio and freed Madame Web. Unfortunately, the Tablet reassembled itself and Mysterio became all powerful. The three of them was transported to a place in between realities and sough to edit the Earth-TRN579 in his image. Madame Web assembled the main Spider-Men and together they defeated Mysterio.[1]

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