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The Spider-Men were a team formed by the Beyonder and Madame Web. In the Beyonder's future, Spider-Carnage destroyed all of reality, but when the blast that was destroying all realities reached the Beyonder's dimension, he stopped and reversed time. He and his assistant, Madame Web, then trained various Spider-Men from different realities in order to stop Spider-Carnage.

All the Spider-Men were then brought to a world devastated, by Spider-Carnage. The Spider-Men then teamed up with the Scarlet Spider, who was a native of this reality, and set out to defeat Spider-Carnage. The heroes were able to stop Spider-Carnage's plan, but the evil wall-crawler managed to escape.

The Beyonder tracked Spider-Carnage to another reality, this one belonging to the Armored Spider-Man. A dimension where Spider-Man is a celebrity, well loved, and rich. This time Spider-Carnage plans to destroy each reality, one at a time. The Beyonder only had enough power to send one, so he sent the Spider-Man of Earth-92131. There he meets the beautiful Gwen Stacy, girlfriend to Armored Spider-Man. His attorney, Wilson Fisk, became involved with Spider-Carnage and captured Spider-Man. Luckily Gwen recognized that Spider-Carnage was not her Spider-Man and released the good one. Unable to defeat the symbiote powered former hero, Spider-Man used his head to get to Spider-Carnage. Spider-Man found Uncle Ben, dead in most other realities except this one. Ben was able to talk Spider-Carnage out of his insane plan and told him to fight the symbiote. Unable to fully separate, Spider-Carnage threw himself into a portal that completely destroyed him. Spider-Man finally got to say goodbye to Uncle Ben, and he told Peter just how proud he was of him.

After these events, all the Spider-Men were presumably returned to their native realities.[1][2]



The Spider-Men are teleported through realities by either the Beyonder or Madame Web.


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