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Peter Parker

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Synopsis for 1st story

At his headquarters, Mysterio is preparing to cement his victory by destroying the portal and trapping Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe forever. But unable to resist the temptation to see how his enemy is faring, he keeps the portal open long enough for Peter and the Ultimates to confront him.

In a last ditch effort, Mysterio attacks the group with his usual weapons, resulting in Miles and him getting sent to Earth-616. Miles tries to admire his surroundings, but Mysterio goes for him, and they go back through the portal again, where Mysterio is quickly defeated. Fury decides to keep him prisoner on their side of the rift due to his knowledge of Peter's secret identity.

With the portal closing (much to Tony's chagrin, as he is very interested in the portal), Peter departs for his world after giving Miles his blessing as the new Spider-Man of this world, as well as some good advice, an acknowledgment that makes Fury and Miles very satisfied. Back in his world, Peter runs an online search for Miles' counterpart in his world and is shocked at the result, which is not revealed.


  • The cliffhanger left by this is later addressed in the sequel, Spider-Men II.

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