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Corona Motors, in an effort to promote their new non-polluting car engine, hired the advertising firm of Carter & Lombardo to approach Spider-Man about building a Spider-Mobile.[4] Initially turning down the offer as a dumb idea, Spider-Man reconsidered when he realized how badly he needed the money for rent and expenses. With the aid of the Human Torch, they completed the construction of the Spider-Mobile.[5] After a crash course in driving, Spidey's first capture was of Hammerhead's thugs.[6] Mysterio tricked Spider-Man into dumping the car into the river, but Corona Motors wanted their product back.[7]

After being unable to find it in the waters, Spider-Man faced off against a modified version courtesy of the Tinkerer. Battling it out with the car, Spidey subdued the vehicle and returned it to Carter and Lombardo, albeit a little smashed.[8]


On display in the Smithsonian

A duplicate of the Spider-Mobile was on display at the Smithsonian National Design Museum, which surprised Peter Parker when he was walking down the exhibit with Norah Winters.[9]

Parker Industries

Following the establishment of Parker Industries as a global conglomerate, Peter designed and built a new Spider-Mobile alongside Lian Tang, a designer at the Shanghai branch of Parker Industries. The new Spider-Mobile featured web-fluid airbags, a voice-operated computer system, the ability to drive along sheer surfaces or upside-down, and the ability to unfold its wheels into spider-like legs.[10]


Spider-Mobile from Spider-Man1Deadpool Vol 1 2 001.jpg

The original Spider-Mobile was found and repaired by Deadpool. After giving it a new paint job, he re-branded the vehicle his "Dead-Buggy."[1]


The Master Matrix created the Spideypool-Mobile under the belief that a road trip would help repair Deadpool and Spider-Man's friendship. The spideypool-Mobile' color scheme was half Spider-Mobile and half Dead-Buggy.[11] It also had a 3D GPS and an A.I. autopilot.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Spider-Buggy (Earth-12041) Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 16.png On Earth-12041, the Spider-Buggy appeared in Spider-Man's imagination as a prize for defeating the Beetle, but then questions if he really needs a Spider-Buggy. The actual Spider-Buggy officially appeared in the Spider-Cave among the other Spider-Man themed gadgets created by Olly Osnick. Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 16
Peter Parkedcar (Earth-53931) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 12 001.png On Earth-53931, there existed a sentient Spider-Mobile known as Peter Parkedcar.[12] It joined the Spider-Army against the Inheritors, and was present in the final battle on Loomworld. Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #12
Spider-Mobile from Wolverine Vol 3 66 001.jpg On Earth-807128, the Spider-Mobile was rebuilt by Hawkeye and one of his ex-wives 50 years in the future, The Spider-Mobile is the ride of choice for Logan and Clint on their journey to New Babylon. Its many features come in very handy on their trip, since it "did whatever a spider could". Wolverine (Vol. 3) #66
Spider-Mobile from Spider-Verse Vol 3 1 001.jpg On Earth-10113519, the Spider-Mobile was utilized by Lord Spider when stole the last sample of nonirradiated human DNA as a getaway vehicle to escape from the X-Men.[13] Spider-Verse (Vol. 3) #1
Spider-Mobile from Marvel Avengers Academy 001.jpg On Earth-TRN562, the Spider-Mobile was built by a teenage Spider-Man using parts from a bargain bin. It was on par with 616's Parker Industries' variant in its "spider-form." Marvel Avengers Academy
Spider-Buggy from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 001.png On Earth-TRN700, the Spider-Mobile appears to be on display in Peter Parker's underground basement amongst the Spider-Cycle and the Web-Jet. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Methods of Transport: Road vehicle.
On-Board Equipment: Spider-Signal spotlights, ejection seats, web fluid airbags.[10]
On-Board Weaponry: Gas bombs, web-shooters.


  • Features as a piece on the Spider-Man Monopoly board game.

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