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The Spider-People were a race of humanoid arachnids descended from the spider-god Omm,[2] spawn of Gaea.[3]

They presumably warred millions, possibly billions years ago, against other Elderspawn such as the Wolf-Men.[5][6]

Thousands of years ago, the Spider-People built the Temple of the Spider in the caverns beneath the Hidaka Mountains (of modern-day Hokkaido).[2] From there, they waged a savage war against their hereditary enemies, the Serpent-Men.

Over the ages, the remnants of the Spider-People devolved from the high intelligence of their forebears to being near-brainless.[1]

Modern Age[]

The Spider-People survived into the modern age, continuing to guard the ruins of the Temple of the Spider and its statue of Omm. Many of them were slain by a Serpent-Man who impersonated Devil-Slayer, who sought to seize from them an ancient serpentine artifact that he hoped could be used to return the Serpent-Men to power.[1]

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While their forebears had a high intelligence, the modern-age Spider-People are near-brainless.[1]

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