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The Spider-Skeleton was accidentally recovered on the outskirts of Brooklyn, at the site of the smokestack Peter Parker originally dumped Ben Reilly's body in after their battle at Shea Stadium.[3] Norman Osborn, Scrier and Seward Trainer had tricked the Jackal into thinking Ben Reilly was the original Spider-Man. The Jackal gave Ben a drug when he was unconscious to simulate death and Peter dumped Ben's body in the smokestack. Jackal recovered Ben's body and dumped a failed clone down the smokestack as part of a plot to confuse Peter and Ben in the future. The skeleton was later retrieved from the morgue by Spider-Man (Ben Reilly).[1]

Ben Reilly stashed it in his Lower East Side apartment.[4] He then showed it to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker.[2] The skeleton was examined by Giant Man and was shown to be a clone of Ben Reilly.[5].

Later revelations made it more likely that the skeleton was a clone of Peter Parker as Ben Reilly was thought to be the original Peter Parker at the time of the skeleton story and was later revealed to not be the original. Spider-Man eventually let Peter Parker snap a picture to prove he stole the Spider-Skeleton.[6] Ben Reilly and Peter Parker eventually buried the skeleton in an old Queens cemetery.[7]



Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.

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