The large robot created to resemble a black widow was created by Alistaire Smythe to destroy Spider-Man. He deployed it along with two other slayers. Spider-Man and Black Cat fought the slayers and defeated them all by electrocuting them with a live power wire.[1]

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Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Earth-92131)

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When Norman Osborn hired Spencer Smythe to destroy Spider-Man, Spencer created the Black Widow. Equipped with the means to neutralize Spider-Man's powers, it fired a viscous lubricant to impede his wall crawling and acid emitters as a form of attack. Its armor plating made it virtually impossible to be destroyed by conventional means. The only to penetrate it was a strong acid. The robot was successfully deployed against Spider-Man, but the wall-crawler eventually managed to defeat it by forcing it into the acid used in its manufacture.[2]

After Spencer's assumed death, his son Alistair rebuilt the Black Widow along with other Spider-Slayers, but they all failed to destroy Spider-Man.[3]

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