A teen Spider-Man invented his first Spider-Tracer to find Doctor Octopus. In those early times he invented a receiver device as well.[1] Spider-Man eventually found out that by changing the frequency emitted by the Tracers, he could trace them with his Spider-sense.[2]

Spider-Man has occasionally pulled the tracker out of storage in cases where he lost his spider-sense or needed greater tracking range than his spider-sense alone could give him.[3][4]

A modified version of the Spider-Tracer-Tracker was made by Peter to track the location of Alpha after he went missing. [5]

The Spider-Tracer-Tracker program was implemented in Miguel O'Hara's Spider-Suit and his computers in the Baxter Building.[6]

Peter gave his clone, Kaine Parker, a number of Spider-Tracers and a special earpiece that contained a Spider-Tracer-Tracker. The earpiece was necessary since Kaine lacked a spider-sense.[7]

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