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The Great Hunt, The Culling, Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider Season, Dirtbag Season, Spider-War, An Apocalyptic Multiversal Spider-Orgy, Spider-Verse Saga, Totem War[1]
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London, England (Earth-311); Nueva York (Earth-928); New York, New York (Earth-90214); Horizon Labs {Earth-616); Earth-772; Earth-58163; Earth-14132; Earth-10919; Mumbai, India, (Earth-50101); Earth-8351; Earth-12131; Earth-12041; Earth-TRN453; Earth-TRN454; Earth-TRN455; Earth-TRN456; Earth-TRN457; Earth-TRN458; Earth-TRN461; Earth-65; Earth-2818; Earth-001; Earth-1771; Ikegami Medical Center, Atlas City, (Earth-31411); Octavius High, (Earth-TRN450); Otherworld; New York City, (Earth-1983); Earth-999; (Earth-7831); New York City, (Earth-14512); Avengers Tower, (Earth-98120); Earth-6375; Earth-96099; Forest Hills, Queens, (Earth-982); Loomworld, (Earth-001); Moon, New Lunar York, Armstrong Park, (Earth-449); Earth-13; Earth-1610; Earth-94; Earth-15011; Earth-70237; Earth-8545; Earth-7122; The Stadium, (Earth-803); Earth-51914; Earth-11; Earth-77013; Earth-981; Baxter Building, (Earth-802); Earth-13989; Earth-67; Earth-21205; Sims Tower (Earth-3145); Japan, (Earth-51778); Japan, (Earth-7041); Earth-8847; Earth-8847; Earth-30847; Earth-7082; Earth-138; Mexico D.F., Mexico, (Earth-15349); Earth-TRN389; Parker Residence, (Earth-3123)
Information-silk.png Others
Marion Jane Watsonne, George Stacy, Anna, Gabriel O'Hara, Fantastic Five (Human Torch Thing, Mister Fantastic), Wolverine, Alex, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN455), Tony Yarg (Earth-TRN456), S.H.I.E.L.D. Unlimited (Nick Fury), Black Cat (Earth-TRN461), John Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN461), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN461), Carlie Cooper (Earth-TRN461), J. Jonas James' Son (Earth-TRN458), Merlin, Spider-Horse, J. Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN453), J.Joanna Jameson, Nicole Fury, Harriet Osborn, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN457), Felicia Hardy (Earth-90214), Maybelle Parker (Earth-90214), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-90214), The Mary Janes (Mary Jane Watson, Glory Grant, Elizabeth Brant (Earth-65)), John Jonah Jameson (Earth-65), Matt Murdock, Dr. Kaori Ikegami, Hannah Ikegami, Sara Jane, Uncle Ted, Gene, Alcorps Industries, Spider-Friends (Iceman, Firestar) Ms. Lion, Beastials (Lord Tyger), Captain Britain Corps (Majestrix Saturnyne, Lady Roma, Captain Lionheart), Oscorp (Daredevil, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, SP//dr (Peni's father), Avengers (Earth-98120), (Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel), Timestrom George O'Hara, LY.L.A., Mary Jane Watson (Earth-6375), Radioactive Spiders, Benjy Parker, Wes Westin, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-982), New Warriors (Nova, Water Snake), Mr. Robertson, Bannon, Katzenberg, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-449), Peter Parker (Earth-15011), Benjamin Parker (Earth-15011), Maybelle Parker (Earth-15011), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-11), Eugene Thompson (Earth-11), Maybelle Parker (Earth-11), Ms. Kraven, Ben Parker (Earth-11), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-77013), Daily Bugle (Earth-67) (J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant), Dr. Smythe, Dr. Madison, Punisher 2099, Spider-Horse, Peter Parker (Earth-3145), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-7122), Tiger Spirit, Mr. Mighty, Shango, Spider-Punk's Spider Army (Captain Anarchy), Arácnido I, Ezekiel Sims (Earth-3145), Peter Parker (Earth-3145), Uncle Ben, Peter Parker (Earth-3123), Lord Harold Osborne, Namor

Event Synopsis

After sensing that Silk was released from captivity by Spider-Man, Morlun stated that the Great Hunt, where he and his family would kill every Spider-Totem in the Multiverse, had begun.[2]

As the Inheritors killed numerous Spider-themed heroes, the time-displaced Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) created a team to fight the enemies.[3]

Meanwhile, other villains were embarked in similar quests. Earth-12041's Goblin tried to gather the DNA from different Spider-Men across multiple universes,[4] and the Multiversal Sinister Six attempted to conquer numerous universes by taking the Isotope-8 from one in specific.[5]

And while the Great Hunt takes place, the Spider-Army must find a way to defeat Morlun, Karn, and the rest of the Inheritors once and for all.

List of Casualties

These are the known forty-five "Fallen Spiders" already hunted down and slayed by an Inheritor, as well as those killed during the course of the Totem War. According to Karn, his family has hunted many Spider-Totems, including hundreds of Spiders.[6] For a complete list of casualties, either Spider-Totems or not, see this category.

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  • When asked if Spider-Boy would appear in Spider-Verse, Dan Slott sarcastically replied, "Oh yeah, DC is going to let us do that, I'm sure. Let me call my DC contact right now."[35]
    • However Spider-Boy partially appeared as a cameo/Easter egg in the last page of Spider-Verse #2.
  • Dan Slott was inspired by his own work on the game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to conceive Spider-Verse.[36]
  • Spider-Verse was originally going to be a story set during Superior Spider-Man, and would've run in the place of the Necessary Evil and Darkest Hour story arcs.[37]
  • Due to the fact that the Inheritors were hunting down Spider-Men, women, and children all across the multiverse, no children were harmed in the Spider-Verse storyline.

Edge of Spider-Verse


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