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Quote1.png He used you as bait and then hunted me. So I made myself bait and had my own invisible hunter. Quote2.png
Peni Parker

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Synopsis for 1st story

Arriving in the world of Sp // Dr, Miles teams up with Peni to save Daredevil and defeat Kraven. Meanwhile, Ben discovers that a colleague, whose funds had been cut to support his research, has empowered Kraven. Penny and Miles eventually manage to win but Ben's former colleague informs him that he will send more Super-Villains against Penny.

Solicit Synopsis

• Peni Parker, A.K.A. SP//dr is back!

• The corruption of the Spider-Verse has reached Earth-14512 and Peni is in deep trouble.

• Can Miles Morales help Peni defeat an all-new villainous incarnation?!X

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