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Quote1.png You chose that name. You put the mask on. You're wearing the grim and gritty, black scary bodysuit. Quote2.png
Jess Drew[src]


Jessica Drew

Debut Suit with yellow gloves

First appearance: Marvel Spotlight #32

This is the original Spider-Woman suit worn by Jessica Drew, it is made from a skintight cloth, most likely Spandex or similar. When Spider-Woman began her career under the alias of Arachne, she wore her traditional suit colored primarily red with yellow-colored boots and arrow pattern marks over her womb and abdomen; connected in between her breasts follows an upside-down triangle placed over her chest. The suit also consists of webbed wings under the armpits that would allow her to glide through the sky. The mask is all red with another upside-down yellow triangle on the forehead; it covered her entire head except her mouth. The mask has plastic lenses with a chrome covering that allows Jessica to see out, without letting others see in. The lenses also protect Jessica's eyes from dust particles and the glare of the sun while she is gliding through the city.

Traditional red and Yellow Spider-Woman Suit

Sometime later, the gloves became yellow instead of the previous red and, eventually, the suit was slightly redesigned to the more well known traditional Spider-Woman suit. While much remained the same, the mask most notably now exposes her long hair to flow out.[1]

After the Totem War between spider-themed heroes from across the Multiverse and the Inheritors, Jessica switched to a more practical suit, that sported a biker-inspired look. Spider-Woman wore what appeared to be a red woman motor jacket with black sleeves as well as black trousers. It retained a similar yet smaller yellow pattern on her chest but more akin to a spider symbol. Her gloves and shoes were a clash of red and black. Jessica's "mask" only consisted of a pair of similarly themed goggles with yellow lenses.[2]

All-New, All-Different Spider-Woman suit

Jess would briefly return to her classic costume after being coaxed into rejoining the Avengers by Black Widow,[3] but she was back in her new costume when the universe came back to life.[4]

During her adventures in this suit, she would occasionally wear variations of it that were more adequate to the situation, such as a white and blue snow variant for cold weather[5] and a grey variant to infiltrate Alpha Flight.[6]

She returned to her classic costume sometime before her predicament with the Vridai,[7] but would occasionally carry the jacket from her previous costume,[8] as well as the goggles.[9]

She was wearing this costume when Captain Marvel asked for her help in controlling the Universal Weapon's corruptive power. After Doctor Strange created replica-like projections of the weapon, Jessica's costume, much like the others', turned into shades of green.[10]

She would once again don a new costume when she decided to become a hero for hire, something she felt needed a different costume than her regular one. The new design was mainly black, once again carrying a mask, but retaining a stylized spider on her chest and, for the first time, carrying a web pattern (not too different from her male counterpart) on the shoulders and arms. Even then, she also wore, at least once, the biker costume.[11]

Julia Carpenter

Silk Vol 2 2 Marvel '92 Variant Textless.jpg

First Appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #6

The second Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter (who was also called Arachne), wore an all-black suit with a large white spider symbol on the front and back of her torso. The suit also consists of white thigh-high boots and elbow-length gloves. Like the previous Spider-Woman Suit, Julia's has mask covers everything except her mouth and hair. It was this particular outfit which would inspire Spider-Man to base his symbiote outfit on during the Secret Wars.[citation needed]


When Julia was affiliated with the Omega Flight team, her new suit consisted of a larger spider symbol with its legs spread open with a sharp edgier design. This variation also excluded the white gloves and boots from the previous one.[12]

Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl

This suit was later given to Anya Corazon, after Julia became the new Madame Web, though Anya still called herself Spider-Girl.[13] During a team-up with Wolverine, he took her to his armory and gave her a specially tailored coat, gloves with steel powder and padding, along with goggles and respirators that blocked pixie dust.[14] Later, she followed Iron Man's advice and removed the majority of the coat as he considered it a hazard.[15] Anya ended up removing all the accessories sometime prior to joining the Spider-Army.[16]

Mattie Franklin

Mattie Franklin

As Martha Franklin: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #5

The third Spider-Woman incarnation, Martha "Mattie" Franklin, initially wore a similar to Peter Parker's traditional blue and red (minus the web pattern and had a larger spider logo) but later changed it to one that is primarily an all-black attire with red-colored gloves and huge red spider symbol on the front and back of her torso. The mask also leaves Mattie's mouth and hair exposed, the suit also has tattered web wings under her armpits.[citation needed]

Charlotte Witter

Charlotte Witter

As Charlotte Witter: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #5

The Forth person to be called Spider-Woman, Charlotte Witter was a villain who wore a green suit one-piece top with black thigh-high boots and green elbow-length gloves and a green mask with red lenses.[citation needed]


Cindy Moon's webbed suit

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #4

Cindy Moon's first-ever Spider themed attire was made up of her own organic webbing wrapped around most of her body.

Cindy Moon's second suit

She later cultivated a new suit from her webbing when hearing her initial one was said to be tacky; the new one was colored black on the arms and legs while the torso and thighs were white with a black web pattern with a red gradient towards her chest. She also started wearing a red mask covering her nose and mouth.[17]

Silk Vol 1 2 Forbes Variant Textless.png

This suit went through a slight redesign after the war with Inheritors:[18] the web pattern now sported a red "S" on her chest, black gloves with red fingers and white spider legs pattern over her shoulders and thighs.[19] It has, since, become her longest-tenured costume,[20] having only changed it once, when she was on assignment on the West Coast, to a costume inspired by traditional Korean dresses.[21][22]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Spider-Man Vol 2 14 Textless.jpg

Spider-Man and Spider-Woman Married (Earth-8)

Gwen Stacy added elements of a wedding dress to her suit for her wedding to Spider-Man.
Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #14
Spider-Gwen Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg

Home to Spider-Gwen (Earth-65)

Gwen Stacy's suit was mostly black on the lower body with a white upper body and hoodie and cyan soles. The underarms and inside the hoodie were magenta covered in cyan web patterns. The lenses white with magenta accents. She continued to use this suit when she switched to Spider-Gwen, but ended up discontinuing it after bonding with the Venom Symbiote.
Edge of Spider-Verse #2
Julia Carpenter (Earth-398) from Avengers Vol 3 2 0001.jpg

Morgan Le Fay Reality Warp (Earth-398)

Morgan Le Fay altered reality, turning Earth-616 into Earth-398. In this reality, Julia Carpenter, now going by Arachne, wore a spider-themed medieval armor.
Avengers (Vol. 3) #2
Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-617) from Spider-Gwen Vol 2 31.jpg

"Earth-616.525" (Earth-617)

Gwen Stacy's suit was primarily covered by the Venom Symbiote, with the top covered by her green raincoat.
Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2) #30
Spider-Girl Vol 1 80 Textless.jpg

MC2 (Earth-982)

Mayday Parker originally used one of her father's suits when she became Spider-Woman. Once she came to terms with his death, she created her own costume; however, she quickly returned to using her uncle's design.
Spider-Island #5
Erin Hasko (Earth-1036) from Web Warriors Vol 1 10 001.jpg

I'm Available (Earth-1036)

Erin Hasko's suit was a movie-level costume similar to the suit of the Spider-Woman of Earth-65.
Web Warriors #10
Jessica Drew (Spider-Clone) (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 103 (Cover).jpg

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Jessica Drew's suit was similar to Spider-Man's suit when he was bonded to the Venom Symbiote. Her suit; however, was red, exposed her hair, had white fingers rather than a spot on the back of her hands, and the legs on her logo were longer.
Ultimate Spider-Man #98
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-2301) from New Mangaverse The Rings of Fate Vol 1 1 001.png

Mangaverse (Earth-2301)

Mary Jane Watson used a red body suit that exposed her midriff and arm. It included a yellow spider symbol, bandaged forearms, and a classic Spider-Woman mask.
New Mangaverse: The Rings of Fate #1
May Parker (Earth-8410) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol 1 1 0001.jpg

Alternate 2020 A.D. (Earth-8410)

Mayday Parker used a suit similar to Jess Drew's suit, but with the color scheme used by her father.
X-Men & Spider-Man: Time's Arrow Book 3: The Future
Jessica Drew (Earth-8441) from Black Panther Annual Vol 1 1 0001.jpg

Iron Man Enforced the Superhuman Registration Act Worldwide (Earth-8441)

Jess Drew's suit was similar to her classic suit but her logo and boots were extended and her web-wings were colored yellow.
Black Panther Annual #1
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-8545) from Exiles Vol 1 34 0001.jpg

Earth-Legacy (Earth-8545)

Mary Jane Watson's suit was similar to Spider-Man's suit, except it exposed her nose and mouth and had a skinnier red section on her torso.
Exiles #20
Julia Carpenter (Earth-9939) from Ant-Man & Wasp Vol 1 3 001.jpg

Earth-Charnel (Earth-9939)

Julia Carpenter's suit included tactical accessories to help her battle Charnel.
Ant-Man & Wasp #3
Jessica Drew (Earth-9997) from Earth X Vol 1 7 0001.jpg

Earth-X (Earth-9997)

Jess Drew's soul was sent to the Realm of the Dead after her body was possessed by hydras. While there, her costume changed color scheme to green and purple.
Earth X #1
Veranke (Earth-10219) What If Secret Invasion Vol 1 1.jpg

What If...The Secret Invasion Remained a Secret? (Earth-10219)

Veranke added a crown and a cape.
What If? Secret Invasion #1
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-12041) from Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 4 21 001.jpg

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

Mary Jane Watson's suit was actually the Carnage Symbiote.
Ultimate Spider-Man (animated series) Season 4 21
Jessica Drew (Earth-12131) from Marvel Avengers Alliance 003.png

Marvel Gaming Universe (Earth-12131)

Jess Drew's costume was corrupted after she was possessed by the Hammer of Kuurth.
Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Julia Carpenter (Earth-42777) from Exiles Vol 1 25 0001.jpg

Iron Man: Monarch of the World (Earth-42777)

Julia Carpenter's suit showed off much more skin than usual.
Exiles #25
Valerie the Librarian (Earth-57780) from Spidey Super Stories Vol 1 11 0001.jpg

Spidey Super Stories (Earth-57780)

Valerie's suit was similar to Spider-Man's suit, but with a masquerade mask.
Spidey Super Stories #11
Jessica Drew (Spider-Clone) (Earth-61610) from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 001.png

Ultimate End (Earth-61610)

Jessica Drew used a modified version of her Spider-Woman suit as her Black Widow Suit. This version's mask only covered her forehead and eyes.
Ultimate End #1
Jessica Drew (Earth-82121) from Captain America and Black Widow Vol 1 638 001.jpg

Home of Spider-Woman from the Hunt Squad (Earth-82121)

Jess Drew's costume had a black and grey color scheme.
Captain America and Black Widow #638
Julia Carpenter (Earth-89923) from What The Vol 1 11 0001.jpg

Wolverina's Reality (Earth-89923)

Julia Carpenter's gloves were black instead of white.
What The--?! #11
Incredible Hercules Vol 1 125 page 16 Spider-Woman (Earth-92124).jpg

United States of Amazonia (Earth-92124)

Mary Jane's suit was similar to Earth-616's second Spider-Man's suit, except it exposed her hair.
Incredible Hercules #124
Ashley Barton (Earth-807128) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 10 0004.jpg

Old Man Logan (Earth-807128)

Ashley Barton's suit was similar to that of her grandfather's suit except she had a larger spider, extended gloves and boots, exposed upper limbs, and a classic Spider-Woman shaped mask.
Wolverine (Vol. 3) #67
Jessica Drew (Earth-TRN562) from Marvel Avengers Academy 004.png

Marvel Avengers Academy (Earth-TRN562)

Jess Drew used a specialized suit after going rogue.
Marvel Avengers Academy
Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-TRN684) as Ghost-Spider.png

Marvel Rising (Earth-TRN684)

Gwen Stacy's suit had cyan lenses similar to the color of her printed webbing pattern. The suit also included a oval, cyan spider-logo on its back.
Marvel Rising: Initiation Season 1 1
Jessica Drew (Earth-Unknown) from Spider-Woman Vol 5 3 001.jpg

Unknown Reality

In an Unknown Reality, Jess Drew's costume had a spider logo on her forehead.
Spider-Woman (Vol. 5) #3
Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-Unknown) from Howard the Duck Vol 6 1 001.jpg In an Unknown Reality, Gwen Stacy's suit had horns/pointed ears and a oval spider symbol on her chest. Howard the Duck (Vol. 6) #1
Mangaverse Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson) from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game) 002.jpg In an Unknown Reality, Mary Jane Watson's suit was a red body suit that exposed her midriff. She had a sharp mask and had bandage covered forearms, but exposed fingers. Spider-Man Unlimited


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