Quote1 The Gypsy Moth does not fear you. Quote2
-- Gypsy Moth

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Synopsis for "Things that go Flit in the Night"

Out on a romantic evening by the beach with Jerry Hunt, Jessica Drew spots a strange woman with wings flying above them.[Continuity 1] This prompts her to change into Spider-Woman and try to go after the woman. However, the strange moth-like girl gets away. Returning to Jerry, Jerry is very upset that Jessica went chasing yet another "freak", and calls it a night and takes her home. Returning to the boarding house she shares with her friend Magnus, Jessica asks their landlady Priscilla Dolly if she's seen her "uncle" around, Dolly tells her that Magnus got a job as a stage magician. Going up to her room, Jessica finds a new dress purchased for her by Magnus and an invite to an exclusive party that Magnus has been invited to.

Going to the party, Jessica finds that Magnus has made himself quite popular very quickly, but finds herself more or less ignored by the party-goers. When Jessica sees the moth-woman again, she is shocked to see that she has some sort of powers that allow her to control thread, as she uses it to turn some of the female party-goers' dresses into cocoons. Not wishing to let this girl getaway, Jessica has Magnus turn her party dress into her Spider-Woman costume and chases after her. Engaging the super-powered woman, who introduces herself as Gypsy Moth, Jessica is attacked by her strange powers.[Continuity 2] She finds that this woman is not friendly in the least, and is not interested in doing more than fighting. Gypsy Moth uses her powers to make thread from other people's clothing to wrap Spider-Woman up in a thread cocoon and dump her in the pool. However, Jessica breaks free and battles the Gypsy Moth again. Jerry arrives and fires a shot at the Gypsy Moth, hitting one of her wings. Realizing that the wings are part of the Moth's body, Jessica stuns Jerry with a venom blast and takes Gypsy Moth out of there. She decides that to let the Gypsy Moth go, since she didn't really do anything wrong, and isn't interested in making friends, and so Spider-Woman slinks away before the Moth can recover.

Later, Jessica is reunited with Jerry, and the two have another argument about what exactly it was that Jessica was doing.


Continuity Notes

  1. Jerry mentions how his mouth has fully healed after being sewen up by the Needle last issues.
  2. Jessica wonders if Gypsy Moth got her powers from Wundagore Mountain like she did. Spider-Woman's origins are were detailed in Marvel Spotlight #32 and Spider-Woman #1. This is not the case for Gypsy Moth who is later revealed to be mutant in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #5.

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