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Appearing in "And Dolly Makes Three"

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Synopsis for "And Dolly Makes Three"

While waiting for her boyfriend Jerry Hunt to show up for another date with her, Jessica Drew decides to admire her landlady Priscilla Dolly's doll collection and finds a small compartment that contains two dolls in the shape of Brother Grimm.[Continuity 1] She quickly hides them again when Priscilla enters the room, Jerry shows up shortly after, and the couple leaves. Priscilla wonders if Jerry is the man she's been waiting for, and also deduces that Jessica found her secret compartment.

While at dinner, Jerry and Jessica are attacked by Brother Grimm. Terrorizing the dinner guests, Jessica changes into Spider-Woman and tries to stop him. Brother Grimm then escapes on a cloud-and-swing device, with Jessica following behind. Furious that Jessica still doesn't utilize teamwork, Jerry follows after them in his car. He loses them and stops his car, where Brother Grimm somehow gets the drop on him and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Jessica tracks down the Brother Grimm on the cloud device and zaps him with a venom blast. This causes his costume to crumple up as though there was nobody inside. She is then attacked from behind by Brother Grimm and is knocked out. Elsewhere, Magnus returns to the boarding house and retires for the night.[Continuity 2] In his sleep, he is attacked and subdued by Dolly's doll collection, which has sprung to life. Finally, Jessica recovers and finds herself and Jerry chained up in a theater. Standing before them is Priscilla Dolly and two Brothers Grimm. Priscilla announces herself as Madam Doll and tells them that they are going to witness a show they will not soon forget.

Appearing in "The Power of The Spider-Woman"

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Synopsis for "The Power of The Spider-Woman"

A one-page bonus feature showcasing Spider-Woman's various powers and abilities. The abilities include her ability to cling to surfaces, her venom blasts, enhanced strength, as well an explanation on how her costume allows her to glide in the air.


Continuity Notes

  1. Jessica recalls her first encounter with Brother Grimm in Spider-Woman #3.
  2. Magnus recalls how she helped Jessica uncover the truth about her father's murder in Spider-Woman #7.

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