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Synopsis for "The Last Tale Of the Brothers Grimm!"

Magnus is awoken by the mystically animated bodies of Priscilla Dolly's doll collection and traces the mystical aura to a playhouse where Dolly and the Brothers Grimm have Spider-Woman and Jerry Hunt hostage. Dolly explains to Magnus that her husband Nathan Dolly was a doll collector who became the costumed villain Mr. Doll before being defeated by Iron Man.[Continuity 1] He then went on searching for dolls with similar powers. He came across the Brothers Grimm dolls, which he was told he could put his life force into.[Continuity 2] Upon doing so, Dolly soon found his body trapped within his dolls, and since then his wife Priscilla has been trying to find a way to give Nathan a new body.

She and the Brothers Grimm (revealed as her sons William and Jacob) demand that Magnus casts a spell to transport Nathan's soul into Jerry's body, threatening to kill Spider-Woman if he refuses. Magnus agrees, and Jessica and Jerry are knocked out with gas. After a strange dream about Jerry and herself resembling the story Little Red Riding Hood, Jessica awakens to find that a magical ceremony is underway to transport the soul of Nathan Dolly into the body of Jerry Hunt. The Dolly brothers in one pentagram (with a Brother Grimm doll each) in one pentagram and Jerry in another, Jessica watches as Magnus casts his spell. Breaking free and subduing Madam Doll, Spider-Woman swings in and pulls Jerry free as Nathan's soul is pulled out of the dolls. Traveling to the now empty pentagram, Nathan is mortified that there is no host body waiting for him, and is cast off into oblivion. With Jerry and Magnus safe, the trio departs, leaving Mrs. Dolly behind with her boys, who turned out to be dolls themselves controlled by Dolly's influence. The maddened Dolly talks to her boys, asking them to please, please wake up.


Continuity Notes

  1. Mister Doll battled Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #48.
  2. Although unidentified here, the doll maker that sold the Brothers Grimm dolls to Nathan Dolly was identified as Django Maximoff in Avengers #182.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

  1. Mister Doll:

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