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Synopsis for "Jessica's Night Out!"

After mending her costume, Jessica decides to call on her old friend Magnus in Las Vegas to see how he's doing, and finds that the club that he said hired him has never heard of him. Going out to test her costume, one of the seams on her glider wings rips, causing her to crash into a couple's home, and she quickly flees apologising for the damage.[Continuity 1]

The next day, Jessica pulls another day's work at the Hatros Institute before going to see her doctor, who gives her pills to inhibit her pheromones. Deciding to test it out, she goes to the most popular dance club in the area.[Continuity 2] There, she is instantly picked up by a suave man who says his name is Eric, and the two end up dancing the night away. One of the patrons of the disco accidentally grabs Jessica's purse when she goes to freshen up for a guy who she wants to notice her. In digging through Jessica's bag, she finds her Spider-Woman costume and decides to put it on.

Jessica notices her purse is missing, and to her horror, she spots the girl now wearing her costume. However, when the girl stumbles off and almost falls down a ravine that is adjacent to the bar, Jessica uses her spider-powers to save the girl, who passes out from the shock. Jessica then recovers her costume.

Offering to take Jessica home, Eric takes her to a "parking" spot, and is about to make a move, when he begins to start acting strangely, and suddenly his face begins to melt.


Continuity Notes

  1. During this sequence Spider-Woman recounts the events of Spider-Woman #13-16.
  2. Jessica thinks of her past relationships with Wladislaw and Jared the Hydra agent (Marvel Spotlight #32), and Jerry Hunt a SHIELD agent from Spider-Woman #7-16.

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