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Synopsis for "Sins of the Flesh!"

In a car with Eric, a man who picked her up at a disco, Jessica Drew becomes concerned when the man bolts out of the car. Unknown to her, the man's face has begun to melt. However, when Jessica catches up to Eric, his face is back to normal. Finding a secluded spot to sit, Eric tries to make out with her and melts all over her. The horrified Jessica flees, blasting off the waxy gunk off her body with her venom blasts. She changes into Spider-Woman and tries to chase after him. He manages to get back into his car and flee the scene, so Jessica glides after him. Jessica finds Eric has turned back to normal and gone back to the disco where she met him. Jessica watches as another man picks up a girl in the disco, but leaves in Eric's car. Suspicious, Spider-Woman follows after them.

When they all get to the girls' place, Spider-Woman feels wrong about spying on the couple and decides to just live and let live. While trying to sleep, she suddenly feels a connection to the Waxman and a sensation that he's smothering another girl. Going into action as Spider-Woman, Jessica sees that the police have arrived at the girl's house, and overhears that she had been killed.

Deciding to prevent this from happening again, Jessica begins spending her nights out trying to find the Waxman. She eventually meets a man calling himself Bill and knows it's the Waxman when he touches her. Wondering if he recognizes her, she lures him back to Priscilla Dolly's house, where she is lodging. There she goes to "freshen up" however, she changes into Spider-Woman and confronts "Bill" over the death of the girl. This causes Bill to recall his past, how he was a scientist with a rare skin condition and tried to cure it, the end result being that he was turned into the Waxman.

The Waxman flees and hides under the covers of an upstairs bedroom. When Spider-Woman pulls off the covers, she's shocked to see that the Waxman has taken on a form similar to hers. This shocks Spider-Woman enough to be enveloped in his waxy body, however, she bursts free, seemingly killing the Waxman. Disgusted and horrified, Spider-Woman flees the scene, unaware that parts of the Waxman are slowly drawing themselves back together.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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