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Synopsis for "Tangled Webs"

After losing her job at the Hatros Institute and receiving an eviction notice from her landlord, Jessica Drew becomes desperate, and as Spider-Woman steals money out of the Hatros Institute's payroll safe.[Continuity 1] Returning home with the money, Jessica struggles with the fact that she had to steal in order to get by. However, her conscience wins the day and she goes back to return the money she had stolen. As it happens, Peter Parker is in Los Angeles along with some of his colleagues from the Daily Bugle covering a story about the Hatros Institute. When Peter happens upon Spider-Woman returning the money she had taken, he assumes that he has caught her in the act of stealing. She shoves Parker aside and makes an escape.

Peter sneaks off, changes into his Spider-Man costume and goes after her, and the two battle across the city. During their fight, Jessica (who has never met or heard of Spider-Man before) demands to know who he is and what she wants. When Spidey introduces himself, she wonders if Spider-Man is also from Wundagore and was given spider-powers just like her.[Continuity 2]

Spider-Man informs her that he saw her cracking the safe, and when Spider-Woman tries to flee, he stops her and forces her to explain herself. When Spider-Man hears the "whole" story (Spider-Woman tells him she was doing this for a friend to protect her secret identity) Spider-Man decides to cut her some slack because he can relate to her position. After things are reconciled, Spidey realizes that he needs to get back to his co-workers and wishes Spider-Woman luck before departing.


Continuity Notes

  1. Doctor Leaman states that Hatros Institutes' financial troubles began with the disappearance of their founder. "Adrienne Hatros" was actually the villain Nekra who Spider-Woman battled in Spider-Woman #16.
  2. Jessica recounts her origins as they were told in Marvel Spotlight #32 and Spider-Woman #1. She also recounts her association with Modred from Marvel Two-In-One #33, and Magnus from Spider-Woman #213.

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