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Appearing in "Beware the Spider-Woman -- Bounty Hunter!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lou and Sidney DeFalco
  • Shark Mob

Other Characters:


  • Los Angeles
    • Los Angeles Police Headquarters
    • Theater Supply Shop
    • Scotty McDowell's apartment
    • Jessica Drew's apartment

Synopsis for "Beware the Spider-Woman -- Bounty Hunter!"

Jessica Drew has begun a new chapter in her career as Spider-Woman, finding job hunting difficult, she has turned her costumed identity into a source of money by becoming a bounty hunter. Following her, the leads provided by her new partner, the crippled Scotty McDowell, Spider-Woman manages to capture Lou and Sidney DeFalco, who have just held up a jewelry store. She would hand deliver the DeFalcos and the stolen loot to LAPD Captain Alexander Walsh, who is not entirely impressed with a costumed bounty hunter but allows her to operate anyway. After her visit to the police station, Jessica returns to the theatrical supply house where she got her costume. She thinks about how her recent encounter with Spider-Man inspired her to make changes in her life. However, she wishes that the costume shop she has come to rely on now didn't come at a tragic price.[Continuity 1]

Stopping by Scotty's home, Jessica begins to discuss their next targets with him: The Shark-Mob, who have holed up in an abandoned lighthouse, intending to wreck a ship and steal its cargo. Jessica wishes to capture them right away, however, Scotty is worried about her safety. Ignoring his concerns, Spider-Woman soars into action. She arrives at the lighthouse and gets the drop on the Shark-Mob. During the fight, Jessica frees the lighthouse attendant, who is forced to kill one of the mobsters who is trying to shoot his rescuer.

Returning home after her completed mission, Jessica gets a call from her friend Lindsay McCabe and is visited by Scotty for dinner. As Jessica goes over their operation, all Scotty can do is fantasize about Spider-Woman.


Continuity Notes

  1. Spider-Woman encountered Spider-Man during last issue. The narrative of this story states that the story behind the "tragedy" she is referring to here will be revealed in a future issue. However, that is a story that has yet to be told.

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