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Synopsis for "Bring on... the Clown!"

The Los Angeles area has been terrorized by a killer named the Killer Clown, who has been targeting young women. The story gets the attention of Scotty McDowell, who sends Spider-Woman on the job to track down the Killer Clown and bring him to justice. While out on patrol, Spider-Woman stops the Killer Clown before he can kill a young girl the Clown had picked up hitch-hiking. With the young woman seriously hurt, Spider-Woman is forced to bring her to a hospital for immediate medical help, allowing the Killer Clown to get away.

Leaving the hospital, Spider-Woman is unaware that she is being followed by the Clown, who tracks her back to Lindsay McCabe's home, whereas Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman is running late for a dinner date with her friend.[Continuity 1] When Jessica goes down to the store to get items for their dinner, Lindsay is alone in the house when the Clown (mistaking Lindsay for Spider-Woman) attacks the girl. When his joy buzzer device does not kill Lindsay, he is about to strangle her instead when Jessica returns to the house. Panicked, the Clown flees, leaving Jessica to call for medical help.

The Clown, resuming his civilian identity of Casper Whimpley, returns home to his overbearing wife Roberta. After being interviewed by the police, Jessica decides to watch over Lindsay in the hospital, believing news reports about her survival could prompt the Killer Clown to come back and try to finish the job. Sure enough, the Clown does just that, and after a brief battle, Spider-Woman is able to fight off his gimmicks, knock him out and turn him over to the authorities.


Continuity Notes

  1. Spider-Woman recalls that she recently spent the night at Lindsay's apartment. That was in Spider-Man #19.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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