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Synopsis for "Trapped... in the Doomsday Room!"

Visiting Timothy Braverman in prison, Spider-Woman learns how he eventually became the criminal known as Gamesman: He grew up in Brooklyn, and, coming a dysfunctional family, Tim and his brother turned to petty thefts in order to get food. One day, Tim's brother Bart was accidentally shot dead by an drunken, off-duty police officer who tried to stop one of their recent thefts. Vowing never to be poor again, Tim turned to a life of crime and eventually created the Gamesman identity and empire for his own personal gain.

Finishing his story, Braverman uses his charm to convince Spider-Woman that he loves her and to try to use any leverage she has to try and get him early parole. Flying back home, she stops by the scene of an apparent accident. However, it's a trap set up by Braverman's former henchmen, under the leadership of a successor who adopted the Gamesman identity. They try to eliminate Spider-Woman, but she injures them and forces them to flee, but not before one of their numbers manages to wing her with a bullet. When she goes to Scotty to have the bullet removed, she tells him of her intent, which her business associate Scotty McDowell disapproves of.

After a phone call from Lindsay McCabe to Jessica informing her that she is out of the hospital, Jessica foils an attempt of the new Gamesman's men from holding up the Saudi Arabian ambassador and his wife.[Continuity 1] As Spider-Woman, Jessica easily incapacitates the crooks and turns them over to the police. While visiting Captain Walsh, Spider-Woman's location is reported by the Gamesman's mole, and she is trapped by the Gameman's men and put in their specially constructed Doomsday Room, which is set to detonate in an hour, killing her. The new Gamesman leaves her to die, but not before one of his men draws a sketch of Spider-Woman's costume for the next phase of their plan.


Continuity Notes

  1. Lindsay mentions how she was almost killed by the Killer Clown. That happened in Spider-Woman #22.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

  1. * Timothy Braverman Next

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