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  • Los Angeles
    • The Situation Room
    • Jessica Drew's apartment
    • Los Angeles Bank and Trust Company

Synopsis for "To Free a Felon!"

Trying to capture the Gamesman, Spider-Woman finds herself his prisoner instead, left to die in the Doomsday Room, an explosive-rigged room set to detonate in less than an hour. Using her super-powers, Spider-Woman manages to escape. Monitoring the room, the Gamesman assumes that Spider-Woman is killed when the room explodes, and begins the second phase of his plans with a drawing of Spider-Woman's costume.

By coincidence, the Gamesman hires Jessica Drew's actress friend Lindsay McCabe to pose as Spider-Woman (leaving her to believe that it's for a movie) to try and press the first Gamesman Timothy Braverman into revealing the location of hidden loot that Braverman hid before his incarceration. When asking him doesn't work, the Gamesman has McCabe provide Braverman with a means of breaking out of his cell.

When Jessica Drew learns of McCabe's new mystery job, she decides to snoop as Spider-Woman and learns the truth, switching places with McCabe to spring Braverman from prison. Taking him back to the Gamesman's hideout, the two defeat the Gamesman's goons. With the crooks roped up, Braverman suggests that they steal the loot. However, Spider-Woman reveals how she figured out the Gamesman's plan and called the police in advance. Alexander Walsh and his men come and arrest everyone and take Braverman back into custody. Realizing that Braverman had no intention to reform, Spider-Woman leaves, ashamed of herself for having been so gullible.

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