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Synopsis for "Blacked Out... by the Enforcer!"

Spider-Woman's new-found media attention has brought on enough popularity that she has to come to the rescue of a young college girl who has decided to imitate her. When Spider-Woman finishes scolding the girl for putting herself in danger, she goes off and rounds up the bank robbers her would-be imitator failed to stop.

Meanwhile, Rupert Dockery is initiating the next part of his plan to exploit Spider-Woman's exploits to boost his paper's circulation by meeting with the Enforcer, who has been in police custody. Granted a private interview with the criminal, he upsets the Enforcer when he mentions Spider-Woman's name.[Continuity 1] When the angered Enforcer tells him to get lost, Dockery leaves behind his walking stick (which is armed with a hidden blade) and naturally enough, the Enforcer uses it to break out of jail. Hearing the news, Dockery uses the hidden microphone device inside the cane to listen in on the Enforcer taking control of a gang and learning of his plan to get even with Spider-Woman.

When Spider-Woman hears the news of the Enforcer's escape, she is on the scene when he tries to rob the LA Museum of Anthropology and Folk Art. There she becomes victim to one of the Enforcer's black-out darts that render their victims blind, and she is taken, prisoner. Learning of Spider-Woman's plight from the news, her friend and business associate Scotty McDowell goes to her rescue. Believing that Dockery has something to do with the Enforcer's break out, Scotty first goes to the Courier newspaper and bugs Dockery's office during an altercation with him. After being thrown out, Scotty listens in and learns the location of the Enforcer's hideout.

At the Enforcer's base, Spider-Woman's vision returns, and now immune to the Enforcer's darts in future, she decides it's time to break out and capture him. However, Scotty bursts in just as she is freeing herself from her cage and is shot by the Enforcer.


Continuity Notes

  1. The Enforcer last battled Spider-Woman in Spider-Woman #19.

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