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Synopsis for "That Scotty Should Not Die!"

Scotty McDowell has been shot by the Enforcer. However, instead of a bullet, he's been hit by a dart with a psychoactive chemical which would eventually cause him to burst into flames. Going into a frenzy, Spider-Woman defeats the Enforcer's men and demands the Enforcer to provide an antidote for Scotty. Placing Scotty in a cryogenic freezer to slow the effects of the drug, the Enforcer makes a deal with Spider-Woman: Help him steal 10 million dollars, and he'll cure Scotty. The Enforcer's plan to steal a jewel-encrusted statue from the Hollywood Bowl is overheard by Rupert Dockery, who can't wait to exploit the "criminal" Spider-Woman for his paper's circulation.[Continuity 1]

When the Enforcer and Spider-Woman succeed in this robbery during a performance, the L.A. Courier is there to snap photographs of Spider-Woman's theft. Seeing the news, Captain Walsh becomes suspicious of how the Courier could have scooped every other paper in town and decides to pay Dockery a visit and find out. Rupert refuses to reveal his source of information, but offers to inform the police of the Enforcer and Spider-Woman's next robbery so that the police can arrest them (not to mention the Courier once more scooping the event for their paper.)

When the Enforcer next goes after a priceless collection of stamps, the police and the Courier are there. When the police almost capture the Enforcer, Spider-Woman saves him and the two escape with the stolen loot. Capturing the story, the Courier experiences a surge in circulation that makes it a large profit. While at the Enforcer's hideout, Spider-Woman hopes that it's not going to be too late to save Scotty.

And finally, in New York, Peter Parker has been following the story and has decided that he should get involved as Spider-Man and stop the Spider-Woman.[Continuity 2]


Continuity Notes

  1. The Enforcer recalls his last encounter with Spider-Woman in Spider-Woman #19.
  2. Spider-Man recounts his past encounter with Spider-Woman in Spider-Woman #20.

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