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Synopsis for "Spider-Man Is Dead...And I Killed Him!"

Forced into helping the Enforcer steal in order to save the life of her friend and business partner Scotty McDowell, Spider-Woman is told by the Enforcer that their next robbery will be of a jet bound to Los Angeles from New York that is carrying priceless gems. This is all overheard by Rupert Dockery, who has been using a bug planted in the Enforcer's hideout to get scoops for newspaper stories to boost the L.A. Courier's circulation.

As fate would have it, the jet carrying the jewels also has Peter Parker as a passenger, who is on his way to Los Angeles to find out if Spider-Woman is guilty of her alleged crimes. When the Enforcer's gang and Spider-Woman board the plane to rob it of its jewels, Peter slips away and changes into his Spider-Man costume, and confronts the Enforcer. The fight between Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and the Enforcer is all recorded by a camera crew planted by Dockery. During the fight, the Enforcer gets the jewels, and while escaping he forces Spider-Woman to blast Spider-Man with a venom bolt, causing him to fall off their escape craft and into the water below.

When the Courier publishes the news, they present the possibility that Spider-Man did not survive the fall, which mortifies Spider-Woman. However, Spider-Man appears alive and well and reveals that he survived the fall by making a web parachute. As he fights off the Enforcer's goons, he explains he learned the location of the Enforcer's base when he decided to look into why Dockery's men just happened to be on the plane and learned of the transmitter and the secret location of the Enforcer's base.

During the fight, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman defeat the Enforcer, and the police arrive. As the Enforcer is being taken away by the police, he admits to Spider-Woman that there is no antidote to the psychoactive drug Scotty has been injected with. When Spider-Man tries to calm Spider-Woman down, she calls him a "web-headed fink", and Spider-Man leaves to return home. Shortly thereafter, paramedics arrive and take Scotty away in a cryogenic device, with the doctors telling Spider-Woman that they can possibly save him.

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