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Synopsis for "Come Into My Parlor...Said the Fly!"

With her business partner Scotty McDowell in cryogenic suspension while a cure for the psychoactive drugs he's been exposed to is being discovered, Spider-Woman is attacked by the Fly, who damages the cryogenic device before being forced to flee.[Continuity 1] Spider-Woman fixes the device to save Scotty's life, allowing the Fly to get away. Spider-Woman next travels to the home of Ruper Dockery, where with Captain Walsh, she forces a confession out of Dockery over his manipulations which led to Spider-Woman being forced to team up with the Enforcer, by dressing up as the Enforcer herself and spooking it out of him. Walsh demands that Dockery appear in court and help clear Spider-Woman of any wrongdoing, and then leave town.[Continuity 2]

Meanwhile, the Fly has come to Dr. Karl Malus, who has agreed to find a way to restore the Fly's waning super-human abilities. Deducing that a blood transfusion from Spider-Woman would save him, he equips the Fly with a device to resist her venom stings and sends him on a rampage to attract Spider-Woman's attention. During the fight with Spider-Woman, the device absorbs her venom blasts and the Fly makes his escape to take his findings back to Malus, who deduces further that Spider-Woman must have some regenerative properties in her blood and that a transfusion is absolutely necessary. In order to lure Spider-Woman in order to get a sample of her blood, the Fly kidnaps Scotty's unconscious body and takes it back to Malus' lab. There, Spider-Woman battles the Fly and easily defeats him. Malus then offers Spider-Woman assistance in curing Scotty in exchange for lenient treatment. Surprisingly, Malus is able to revive Scotty and cure him of the effects of the Enforcer's psychoactive drugs.


Continuity Notes

  1. The Fly mentions his last battle with Spider-Man. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #193.
  2. Spider-Woman recounts how she was forced to work with the Enforcer. That happened in Spider-Woman #28-29. Detective Walsh is depicted as recording Dockery's confession on a cassette recorder. The technology used here should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 as it is considered an obsolete technology.

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