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  • Los Angeles
    • Scotty McDowell's apartment
    • Los Angeles County Jail



Synopsis for "The Sting of the Hornet!"

Scotty McDowell has been having strange dreams where he fights Spider-Woman as a costumed being called the Hornet. Waking up, he finds that he has super-strength and has grown wings, and is delivered a package containing the very costume he dreamed about (unaware that this is all being orchestrated by Karl Malus, who injected Scotty with some of the Fly's DNA.)[Continuity 1] Scotty decides that he will use his new powers as a super-hero in the hopes that he can become partners with Spider-Woman. Deciding to keep his identity secret, Scotty goes out as the Hornet and uses his powers to help Spider-Woman stop a plane from crashing before departing.

Playing into Malus's plans, the increasingly unstable Hornet becomes more and more irresponsible with his powers. When he gets in the way of Spider-Woman's attempt to stop some jewel thieves, he accidentally blasts the jewelry store owner. However, the Hornet shows no concern for the man's welfare. Furious over being scolded by Spider-Woman, the Hornet goes on a rampage in the city, prompting Spider-Woman to try and stop him.

Meanwhile, Malus offers the commissioner of police his talents to stop the Hornet's rampage. During the fight between the Hornet and Spider-Woman, Malus is allowed to be released and constructs a special tranquilizer weapon, supposedly to knock out the Hornet. However, Malus instead shoots Spider-Woman by "accident" and as the police rush to her aid, both Malus and the Hornet escape. When the Hornet returns to his home, Malus is there waiting for him.


Continuity Notes

  1. The calendar in Karl Malus' jail cell states it is the year 1980. This date should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

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