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Being questioned by a police officer, Angar the Screamer lets off one of his hallucinogenic screams, affecting everyone on the beach including Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe. After the effects have worn off, and Angar has fled, only Jessica remembers the incident.[Continuity 1] in That evening Jessica gets a call from her associate Scotty McDowell, who is upset because she took the day off without telling him, to advise her that Angar the Screamer has a bounty put on his head by the Halwani government, and tells her that he wants her to try and find him. Jessica informs him that she is going to take another night off, which angers Scotty even more. When he demands they talk about their business relationship, she hangs up on him.

Meanwhile, Angar has taken up shop in Star Land, an amusement park that is also a secret hideout for mob figures whom he is in the employ of.[Continuity 2] Returning to the office following his walk on the beach, he is scolded by his employers. Deciding to cover his tracks, Angar uses his screaming powers to make them forget he was there as well, then decides to wait for his benefactors to call him for his next job. Elsewhere, Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe are eating at a restaurant together, where Lindsay announces that she is being hired on by the San Francisco Repertory Theater, necessitating her to move to San Francisco. When Lindsay asks Jessica to join her, she tells her that she'll have to think it over.[Continuity 3] When Lindsay goes to the washroom, Jessica calls Scotty and lets him know that she will take on the Angar the Screamer case.

Following a lead that takes her to Star Land, she is attacked once more by Angar who unleashes a full-power scream on her. Haunted with hallucinations of every foe she has battled, Spider-Woman manages to fight off the illusions and send Angar on the run.[Continuity 4] When Angar tries to scream again, Jessica explodes a bag of cement in his face, causing the powder to make him cough and unable to scream. The furious heroine then beats Angar into submission and tells him to stay put until the police arrive, or she will cut loose on him again. When Angar tries to scream once more, Spider-Woman informs him that she has become immune to his screams and proceeds to beat him again. Later at Scotty's home, the two amicably agree that their partnership is no longer working out and decide to part as friends. The next day, as Lindsay finishes her last preparations to move to San Francisco, she is visited by Jessica who has decided to go along with her to the city. The two then hop in Lindsay's car and begin to their ride to their new home.


Continuity Notes

  1. Lindsay McCabe's hallucination has been identified as an alternate reality designated Earth-81235 per the Unofficial Appendix to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe which is considered a mostly-official index of realities in the Marvel Multiverse.
  2. Angar recounts his recent battles with Daredevi (Daredevil #100-105), Iron Fist (Iron Fist #5-7)
  3. Jessica recounts her enjoyable trip to San Francisco in Spider-Woman #33.
  4. Among these hallucinations are the High Evolutionary and Hydra whose relationships with Jessica Drew are revealed in Marvel Spotlight #32 and Spider-Woman #1 respectively. Spider-Woman also sees what appears to be a hallucination of Morgan le Fay. The two battled each other in Spider-Woman #2 and 6 respectively. However, Morgan is targeting Jessica again appearing in later "hallucinations" in Spider-Woman #37, 39, and 40, leading up to their conflict in Spider-Woman #41.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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