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  • Mayor Maureen Cooper (Only appearance)[1]

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Synopsis for "The Wanderer!"

On their travels to San Francisco, Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe stop for the night at a motel. That evening, in her Spider-Woman costume, Jessica flies around the California coast. This bit of relaxation is interrupted when something strange falls out of the sky, knocking her out and crashing into the ocean. Resuming their trip the next day, Jessica and Lindsay swerve out of the way of a strange alien creature and smash into a guard rail, knocking Lindsay out. Jessica then uses her enhanced strength to prevent them from going over the cliff and into the water. When Lindsay revives, the two women check out the body and find that it has been shot. When the local sheriff arrives, he arrests both women for "vehicular manslaughter" and has them locked up in the local jail.

When they are given their meals, Jessica and Lindsay find that they've been drugged, and pass out. However, Jessica's powers allow her to revive faster and now alone, she uses her strength to bust out, reclaim her Spider-Woman costume and find out what's going on in the town.

What Jessica soon finds out is that the townsfolk of Point Wrath came across alien visitors and initially attacked them. When they realized that they were super-intelligent beings, they captured a young creature in the hopes that they could exploit it to revive the dying town. As Spider-Woman fights to free the child, some creature attacks the jail and takes the body of the dead alien and Lindsay.

Spider-Woman is shot in the back by one of the police officers, and then everyone has to fend off a giant monster that has come for the child, Spider-Woman trying to protect the frightened alien. When part of a tunnel collapses on Jessica, she is saved at the last moment by an arriving group of aliens and is teleported aboard their ship and healed. There, Jessica and Lindsay watch as the aliens' leader Elhalyn is about to try the people of Point Wrath for their actions. However, Lindsay manages to talk them out of executing the people in favor of mindwiping them of the encounter and returning them to Earth.

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