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Synopsis for "Who Am I?"

Spider-Woman visits S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury to get him to fast-track her license to become a private investigator operating out of San Francisco. During her visit, she and Fury talk about her past and origins before they are interrupted by the arrival of Valentina de Fontaine, Spider-Woman then departs and returns to San Francisco.[Continuity 1] As she flies across the city, Spider-Woman she suddenly sees the image of Morgan le Fay in the clouds, taunting her, and dismisses it as flashback to the hallucinations beset upon her recently by Angar the Screamer.[Continuity 2] Below this, Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut are in town and that they intend to use his first cousin Theresa as part of their plot to steal a shipment of Vibranium from the San Francisco Mint. At this point, Theresa's mutant nature sets off Professor X's Cerebro machine in New York and he summons the X-Men together to prepare for a contact mission with this new mutant.[Continuity 3]

That night, at the new home that Jessica Drew shares with Lindsay McCabe, Jessica arrives and finds that a housewarming party has started. There she meets their new landlord David Ishima, with whom she has a momentary romantic moment outside. This is marred when suddenly Jessica's acute hearing picks up a sonic scream, causing her pain. Fleeing, Jessica changes into Spider-Woman and decides to go out and find the source. Following the scream to its source, she finds the Juggernaut, Black Tom and Theresa (garbed in clothing similar to the Banshee and calling herself Siryn) trying to rob the Vibranium shipment. Spider-Woman finds that she is outnumbered and overpowered, and the criminals easily defeat her and leave with their loot. When Spider-Woman revives later, she finds herself surrounded by police officers who want to arrest her for the theft.


  • Juggernaut is mistakenly referred to as a mutant in this issue. He is actually a normal human with magic-based powers.

Continuity Notes

  1. Some facts about Jessica Drew's history here:
    • Jessica recounts her origins as they were told in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman #1}} and {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Marvel Spotlight #32}}.
    • These origins are at odds with {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman Origin #1}}-{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman Origin #5|5}}. Although there is no official explanation for these vastly differenced origins, one could assume that the memories in Spider-Woman Origin were manipulations created by Hydra.
  2. Spider-Woman last fought Morgan le Fay in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman #6}}. Angar the Screamer appeared to make Jessica hallucinate her old foe in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman #35}}. However, this is the real Morgan le Fay, who will attack Spider-Woman again in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Spider-Woman #41}}.
  3. Storm thinks about the "stench" left by a demon that Kitty Pryde fought in the mansion recently. That happened in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Uncanny X-Men #143}}.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

  1. Spider-Woman:
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 3, Panel 2|Spider-Woman #1|Web of Spider-Man Annual #4}} - 10 Year old Jessica is being raised by the High Evolutionary.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 3, Panel 3-4|Web of Spider-Man Annual #4|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica is left behind as the New Men and the High Evolutionary go into space.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 3, Panel 5|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica starts a new life in Transia
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 3, Panel 6|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica accidentally strikes down her lover with a venom blast.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 1|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica is saved from an angry mob by Otto Vermis.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 2|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica is indoctrinated into Hydra.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 3|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Jessica is trained by Hydra to be an assassin.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 4|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - As Arachne, Spider-Woman attacks Nick Fury.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 5|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Spider-Woman betrays Hydra.
  2. Nick Fury
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Nick Fury battles Spider-Woman.
  3. Otto Vermis:
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 1|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Otto rescues Jessica from an angry mob.
    • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Flashback: Page 4, Panel 2|Marvel Spotlight #32|Marvel Spotlight #32}} - Otto enlists Jessica into Hydra.

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