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  • U.S.S. Alaska

Synopsis for "Flying Tiger -- Kills!"

While out on patrol as Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew is attacked by a new costumed criminal known as Flying Tiger. He injures her back, and she continues to battle on the defensive, taking a number of blows when she is forced to save some innocent bystanders whose car is almost knocked off the Golden Gate Bridge. This allows Flying Tiger to smash her into San Francisco Bay. Assuming that she is dead, Flying Tiger goes to his employer Nguyen Ngoc Coy, who tells him to eliminate his underworld rivals.

Spider-Woman survives however, and she is rescued from the sea by Captain Paul Morrel of the submarine U.S.S. Alaska. After being patched up by the ships doctor, and musing over whether he is related to Lt. Sabrina Morrel, she leaves the ship to resume her life. Jessica decides to take up martial arts and soon finds that Sabrina Morrel is taking classes too. Observing her in the change room, she sees that Morrel has a tattoo which is a symbol of the Yakuza and wonders what her connection to the Asian gang is.

Later, when Jessica observes a kidnapping by Coy's men, she intervenes as Spider-Woman and is once more attacked by Flying Tiger. With her new-found skills, she is evenly matched against the Tiger and defeats him with a point-blank venom blast to the face. After defeating Flying Tiger, she is contacted by Morgan le Fay who tells her that she may be good at stopping people from her own time, but Morgan's next attack will prove her end.

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