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  • San Francisco
    • Hunter-Dulin Building
    • California Street
    • San Francisco Bay
    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Yarbro Court
    • Corona Heights
  • 1944 Germany (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "The Judas Man"

Flying to her office as Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew spots two men in a flying ship breaking into the building. She attacks them as they are kidnapping a would-be client, Pamela Kramer, and chases them across the city in order to get her back. Forcing them to crash, Spider-Woman argues with some arriving police officers about their need of her assistance when the Viper and Silver Samurai swoop in and kill the two men. Chasing after them, all Spider-Woman manages to do is split the two up when she sends the Samurai crashing into San Francisco Bay, and both criminals manage to escape.

Going to the police station as Jessica Drew, Jessica learns that Pamela had sought her services at the advice of Adam Ishima. Jessica learns that Pamela needs her assistance to find her missing father, Michael Kramer. At their secret base, it turns out that the Viper and Silver Samurai are after Michael as well. Known as the Judas Man, Michael was experimented on by the Red Skull during World War II and was made to be carrier for a disease of Nazi design. However, in order to make him a carrier, they had to make him immune to the disease as well. Believing that Jessica Drew is her daughter, the Viper (keeping this secret) sends the Silver Samurai to kill her.

Leaving Pamela with Lindsay McCabe, Jessica Drew uses her detective skills to track down and locate the Judas Man. When the Judas Man tries to flee and tells Drew that he will be able to avoid the Viper and Silver Samurai, Jessica tells him how they are also after his daughter. They are then confronted by the Samurai, who attacks both of them. The Samurai easily overpowers Jessica and the Judas Man, and leaves with the Judas Man as his prisoner. Jessica narrowly escapes the building they are fighting in when a live wire ignites a broken gas main.

While at Jessica and Lindsay's place, Pamela foolishly answers the phone before Lindsay can screen it, possibly tipping off anyone looking for her as to her location. As Lindsay is scolding Pamela for being so stupid, there is a knock at the door.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Morelli and Chiang are uncredited.

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