Quote1 I won't let the villians get their hands on it. I'll protect it with my life! Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Impossible Man)

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Synopsis for "Mission: Impossible!"

The Impossible Man gives Jessica Drew quite the jolt when he comes to her office looking like Humphrey Bogart, in order to hire her for a case: Find the missing Impossible Woman, his mate. Hearing the Impossible Man's origins and where he last saw the Impossible Woman, Jessica Drew wearily takes the case, hoping that she won't regret it.[Continuity 1]

Things become complicated -- not to mention wacky -- when, as Spider-Woman, Jessica helps the SFPD to prevent the theft of a jewel necklace and Impossible Man decides that he wants to help by making himself Spider-Woman's sidekick. The good intentioned Imp ends up being more of a hindrance than a help, causing property damage and endangering innocents when he doesn't realize that his actions have consequences.

Eventually, with Impossible Man's help, Spider-Woman manages to nab the jewel thieves before they can steal an emerald necklace from an operatic performance. After a fruitless search for Impossible Woman, Jessica and Impossible Man return to her office to find that Lindsay McCabe has been talking to Impossible Woman the whole night. As it turned out, in trying to imitate Earth couples, the Impossible Couple had incited an argument which ended in Impossible Woman walking out on her man. The two reconcile and leave Jessica's office hopefully happily ever after.

That night while making David Ishima supper, Jessica is relating the story when the phone rings. It's the Impossible Man, who is calling for Jessica's help after once again an argument ended with Impossible Woman walking out. Jessica tells the Impossible Man to wait and see if she comes back the next day and if not to call her back. Hanging up, Jessica then unplugs the phone so the couple can have an evening of quiet.


Continuity Notes

  1. The Impossible Man goes over a great deal of his personal history. These items are:

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