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While out looking for a client's missing wife, Spider-Woman learns the identity of and easily incapacitates the culprit: Digger, a man who has been burying people alive for weeks. Although she easily captures the criminal, she finds the case very disturbing.

The next day at Stark International in Los Angeles, Bill Foster is visited by the diminutive Ramsey Kole, who asks to use Foster's Giant-Man serum. Ramsey explains to Foster that he is a professional dancer who wishes only to be able to participate in plays, however his short stature results in rejections from the theater industry. When Foster refuses to give him the serum, he knocks out the former Giant-Man and drinks a large dose of it. At first, Ramsey gains his desired height. However, dancing for joy in the parking lot, Ramsey is suddenly struck with pain and then something unforeseen happens: He grows into an incredibly tall, lanky form, a condition that Ramsey finds freakish.

Visiting Foster the next day, Spider-Woman learns about the incident and begins using her detective skills as Jessica Drew to track down Ramsey -- who has taken on the identity of Daddy Longlegs and terrorized one of the local theaters. Attending the play Arian, Jessica and her friend Lindsay McCabe witness Daddy Longlegs crash the performance. Longlegs becomes violent when, instead of applauding, the crowd erupts into laughter. Jessica changes into Spider-Woman and attacks Daddy Longlegs, and their fight takes them outside. There, Jessica easily defeats Longlegs, before wrapping him up with parts of a fence. After his defeat, Jessica wonders what to do with Daddy Longlegs now that he's been captured. However, while she has her back turned to the would-be terror, he disappears.

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