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      • 1 Yarbro Court
      • Silk Manor
      • Central Station



Synopsis for "Runaway!"

Watching over Jack Russell as he once more transforms into the Werewolf, Spider-Woman turns her back for just a moment and finds that the Werewolf has somehow mysteriously vanished from his cell. Spider-Woman lashes out, realizing that somebody is messing with her mind. Returning with Lindsay McCabe to San Francisco, Jessica spends some time alone with David Ishima before she's called on a new case.

Jessica is hired by Henry and Samantha Silk, who need her help finding their foster son Mickey, who has gone missing after his mutant psychokinetic abilities went haywire during a baseball game. Believing it to be arson, and not an accident, Mickey was arrested. However, he had escaped police custody. As Jessica begins looking for the boy, Mickey runs into Tigra and tells her his plight, so she agrees to help him out. Mickey's powers destroy the handcuffs on his hands. Meanwhile, back at David Ishima's home, Jessica reveals to David that she is really Spider-Woman, a revelation that is a bit much for David to take right away.

While Tigra and Mickey hide out in a clock tower, Mickey's powers go haywire, making the long stopped clock begin to toll. This attracts the attention of Jessica, who has resumed her search for Mickey as Spider-Woman. When stumbling upon her target she ends up battling Tigra, until the boy's pleas for them to stop lead them to cease fighting. Offering to assist the two as well, Jessica goes down to ground level to convince the arriving police that it's a false alarm. When she returns to the top of the clock tower, she finds that Tigra and Mickey have both disappeared as well, just like many of the other superheroes and villains she has encountered recently.


  • The tagline for this issue is, "The trouble with... Tigra!"

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