Quote1 Your time on Earth has run out. Now Morgan le Fay rules supreme! Quote2
-- Morgan le Fay

Appearing in "End of a Nightmare!!"

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  • Alice (Only appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "End of a Nightmare!!"

Morgan le Fay and her two demon-barbarians attack the helpless Magnus as he remains bound to a chair. Spider-Woman drives the demons away with several venom blasts, but is powerless to fight Morgan, as she currently exists on the astral plane.[Continuity 1] Morgan wants the Darkhold, but Spider-Woman has no idea where it is. However, in order to save Magnus' life, she agrees to search for it. Morgan le Fay tells her to go, assuring her that her mentor will guide her along the way.

While Spider-Woman embarks upon her journey, Magnus surreptitiously sends a psychic command to SHIELD agent Jerry Hunt. Hunt suddenly feels the urge to leave his office and resume his search for Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman meanwhile, learns that a young man named Jack Russell once possessed the Darkhold.[Continuity 2] She goes to his apartment at Colden House, just as the full moon begins to rise. Jack tries to warn her away, but it is too late. He transforms into the Werewolf and attacks Spider-Woman.[Continuity 3] He chokes her until she falls unconscious, then lumbers off into the night. Jessica quickly revives and follows the Werewolf onto the city streets. She manages to lay him low with a concentrated venom blast and brings him back to Morgan le Fay's keep, unaware that she is being followed by Jerry Hunt.[Continuity 4] As she arrives with the unconscious Werewolf, Jerry Hunt shows up as well. Magnus attempts to combat Morgan on the astral plane, but she defeats him by destroying his physical body. That's when Jerry Hunt arrives, prompting Spider-Woman to tell him to get away. As Spider-Woman and Jerry fight for their lives, Jerry admits that after thier first encounter he has found himself strangely attracted to her. Particularly after she gave him a life saving blood-transfusion.[Continuity 5]

Morgan then realizes that she will increase her own capabilities by assuming a corporeal form. She opens up a time window to 12th century Camelot where her physical body lies sleeping. She begins a process to transplant her astral self into her chronologically older body, but Spider-Woman sends a venom blast through the portal, destroying her sleeping form. The paradox creates a time vortex that violently pulls Morgan le Fay away from this dimension.[Continuity 6] With Morgan's presence eliminated, her castle disappears. Suddenly, Magnus appears and reveals that he faked his own demise in order to keep Morgan distracted. However, doing so greatly diminished his magic powers. As Magnus continues to mutter to himself, Jessica and Jerry embrace one another. Turning his attention Jack Russel and uses his power to send him back to his home. When he turns to assure Jessica and Jerry that Jack will be okay, he sees that they are still too engrossed in each other to listen.


Continuity Notes

  1. Morgan le Fay has wanted to get revenge against Spider-Woman and Magnus for interfering with her plans in Spider-Woman #2.
  2. Jack Russell has been in possession of the Darkhold since Werewolf by Night #1 but later lost it in Werewolf by Night #13. The narrative here, by Jack Russell, mentions his recent encounter with Spider-Man. That happened in Marvel Team-Up #12.
  3. Spider-Woman recalls how she once used her venom blast on a New Man known as Lycrus. This encounter has not been depicted anywhere. However, her time with the New Men was chronicled in Marvel Spotlight #32.
  4. One of the innocent civilians makes a reference to actress Lindsay Wagner in this issue. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
  5. Jerry Hunt first encountered Spider-Woman in Spider-Woman #1.
  6. Although Morgan is seemingly killed here, however she survives to plague Spider-Woman again in Spider-Woman #35. It is later clarified in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #9, that Morgan's demise here is only an illusion.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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