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Synopsis for "Avenger on the Amazon"

With Deathweb coming after her parents and daughter, Spider-Woman has traveled to the Peruvian Amazon in order to get to them before they do.[Continuity 1] Taking a boat out to the Junglerama Lodge, Spider-Woman and the other passengers are ambushed by gunmen on another boat. These are assassins that were hired by the Manipulator to eliminate Spider-Woman before she can interfere with his plans. However, she quickly dives into the water to get out of the line of fire. Using her psi-webs to gum up the engine on their motorboat, she subdues the gunmen and learns why they are after her. Leaving them stranded on shore, Spider-Woman then uses their motorboat to speed to the site of Junglerama Lodge.

At that same moment, Julia's parents -- Walter and Elizabeth Cornwall -- arrive with their granddaughter Rachel. After unloading their boat, the Cornwall's and their guide -- Juan -- discover that the other staff has been murdered by some kind of spider venom, much like Carter Napier back in California. That's when they are ambushed by the members of Deathweb to take Walter and Elizabeth. When Juan tries to get between them, Therak sprays the guide with a lethal dose of venom. When Elizabeth and Rachel try to flee, Antro uses his teleportation abilities to catch them. That's when the Manipulator arrives and orders Walter and his wife to take them into the jungle or he will harm Rachel. By the time Spider-Woman arrives on the scene, they are all already gone, prompting Julia to head into the forests to find them. Not far away, Walter leads Deathweb and the Manipulator to some rope bridges that will take them up into the tall trees where they can harvest the rare plants and spiders they need to create the antidotes that keep the members of Deathweb alive. However, Therak underestimates his size and weight when he reaches up to grab one of the plants and causes the bridge to tip, sending the Cornwall's falling over the edge. Thankfully, Spider-Woman web-slings in and saves them from a fatal fall.

Spider-Woman then faces against Deathweb alone, however, their superior numbers, combined with Antro's teleportation abilities, give the three villains the edge against Spider-Woman. After putting up the greatest fight for her life, Julia is overpowered and taken prisoner, allowing Deathweb to collect what they need and leave. Meanwhile, back in the United States, Conclave agent Mike Clemson watches surveillance footage of Val Cooper's recent meeting with Spider-Woman thanks to spy cameras that his agency installed in Cooper's office. Learning of the recent revelations and plans. This is all very interesting to Clemson who decides to put an end to Spider-Woman once and for all.


Continuity Notes

  1. The narrative states that this story takes place before Avengers West Coast (Vol. 2) #102. In that story, the West Coast Avengers were forced to disband.

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