Appearing in "Stipendium Pecarte Mors Est (The Wages of Sin Is Death)!"

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Synopsis for "Stipendium Pecarte Mors Est (The Wages of Sin Is Death)!"

Spider-Woman is flying through the air after having been thrown by a Werewolf who she is fighting at a graveyard in New Orleans. She explains that she should start the story from the beginning.[1]
The reason she is in New Orleans is that J. Jonah Jameson, her uncle, wants to go to a publisher's conference there, because Mattie is on a school break he believes it will make a fun holiday for everyone.[2]Matties friend Cheryl is visiting and is about to go home when Marla suggests she join them on their trip.



Presuming that the intention is to quote Marlowe's "Dr. Faust", the Latin is somewhat incorrect, the original being, "stipendium peccati mors est".

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