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Jessica Drew

Appearing in "Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Part Four"

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  • Hydra Flying Car

Synopsis for "Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Part Four"

Jessica Drew stares at the Skrull captive Madame Hydra has just revealed to her and realizes that despite all the time she spent as the aliens’ prisoner, she has never seen a Skrull in its true form until now. Jessica enters the cell and the door shuts behind her, leaving her alone with the Skrull.

Jessica tells the prisoner she is looking for Koru Kaviti, the Skrull she was sent to Madripoor to find. She realizes that not only does this Skrull not know where Koru Kaviti is, but it thinks that she is Queen Veranke. Jessica tells the Skrull that she is not his queen. The Skrull begins to panic, his hands glowing with energy as he accesses his powers. The two fight ferociously, and though Jessica takes a fair amount of punishment, she comes out on top and kills the Skrull.

With the fight over, Madame Hydra opens the cell door with a smile on her face. As she begins to tell Jessica how lucky she is to be given closure, Jessica decides to make a break for it. She runs onto the roof of the Hydra base, lecturing herself the whole way that she can’t be the type of person who doesn’t learn from past mistakes. In a last ditch effort to escape, and with Madame Hydra closing in behind her, Jessica decides to jump off the building. It’s only then that Jessica remembers she can’t fly.

As Jessica falls, Madame Hydra instructs her agents to pack up the base and bring Jessica back to her, even if they have to hire someone else to do it.

Solicit Synopsis

It's Spider-Woman versus the Thunderbolts. That's right...all of them. A daring chase through the streets of Madripoor finds Jessica Drew pushing herself to the limit with nowhere to turn. Another dazzling chapter from the Eisner award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev featuring tons of material not seen in the accompanying motion comic.


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