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Quote1.png Jesse's not really an accountant? Heh. Of course he's not a #$%^ accountant! The man bought this house and everything in it with cash. We don't even have a bank account. He gets a new car every two or three months. And half the time he comes home with weird burns and bruises all over his body. I may not know everything about what he does, but I'm not some action movie housewife. My husband kills bad guys for a living. So what? That's his business. Our life together is here. In this house with our kids. That's what matters to me. And how dare you come in here threaten that? Quote2.png
Ellen Drew

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• Reeling from the revelations of SILK #7, Jessica Drew takes matters into her own hands, damn the consequences!

• And has Gwen found a way to get Jess and Silk home?


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