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Quote1.png Why can't super heroes go five minutes without hauling off and putting the fate of the world into their own hands? Well, that's because we're all a bunch of -- arrogant. Judgmental. Self-righteous. Jackasses. It's not our fault really. The vocation attracts a certain personality type. It's our nature. Pit a bunch of obsessive type-A thrill seekers against a common enemy? Look out. But ask that same group to wait a few seconds and maybe try talking things out? Things can get grim, dark, and ugly in a hurry. One end of the world scenario a year is enough for me, thanks very much. Spider-Woman is way too busy for that @#$%. I'm steering clear and staying out for a while. Quote2.png
Jess Drew

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• Spider-Woman has history with both sides of CIVIL WAR II, so things are more complicated than just picking a side.

• Plus, she’s got her baby to consider now, and she can’t risk her life putting him in harm’s way.

• But Jess has never been one to just sit on the sidelines.

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