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Synopsis for 1st story

After Fireball breaks into Jess's apartment, she battles the mercenary only to learn mid-fight that her target was a floppy disk Jess had on the High Evolutionary and has no idea who Jess even is. Irritated at being unrecognized again, Jess lets it slide as Gerry zaps Fireball long enough for Jess to throw her out through the wall onto a taxi cab next to Lindsay McCabe. Once Jess sees Lindsey is OK, and ensures Gerry is safe for Lindsey to come in and watch him, does she dress up as Spider-Woman and pursue Fireball.

Chasing Fireball to the Subway, angry at a comment she made about Gerry, Spider-Woman battles her in a confined subway car. Knocking Fireball out the window, the thief passes her objective to her partner, Bruiser, who rampages through a public gathering. Finding it refreshing he knows who she is, Spider-Woman is blindsided by Bruiser tossing a horse at her and he escapes on the 39th Street Ferry. Not willing to wait for the next ferry, Spider-Woman gets a ride by the NYPD Harbor patrol to catch up to Bruiser in Hoboken. There, Bruiser steals a monster truck and leads Spider-Woman on a chase, crashing into Newark Liberty Airport.

Once inside, Bruiser is knocked out by Lady Bullseye angered at his tardiness. The two fight, with Spider-Woman jumping onto Lady Bullseye's jetpack and colliding onto the wing of a plane after take off. When Lady Bullseye sees the plane of her commissioner, she fights with Spider-Woman until the latter gets one over on her to kick her off the wing. Using a suit modification, Spider-Woman channels a Venom Blast from her fist to her boot and sending Lady Bullseye falling. Making her way to the lane window, Spider-Woman is angrily panicked to find her brother Michael and realizes he bought Lady Bullseye's services. Inside, Michael sees Jess and tries to tell her he can explain.

Solicit Synopsis


• A who’s who of Marvel Mercenaries want something that Jess has (and NEEDS), so Jess has to fight Lady Bullseye and more to secure this treasured possession.

• This fight will take Jess across NYC in the most intense, issue-long action sequence you’ve ever read!

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