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Quote1.png Aw, Rebecca, honey, I'll always be your dad-- but the rest of you can call me... AETERNUM!!! Quote2.png
Michael Marchand

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With Jess stressed over her brother's failed attempt to have hired criminals steal the Wyndham cure data, despite having his own copy, she has old friend Lindsay McCabe stay over to help watch over Gerry after Roger's departure. Jess goes to Michael's office to hear his "explanation" but his assistant, Rose Roché, takes the blame given the single use access code of the copy. Realizing Michael was attempting to reverse engineer the cure, Michael defends his position given that their mother was a cloned, but Rose defends Michael explaining his fear of alienating her given their recent history. As Jess notes the situation is a repetition of months earlier with her becoming sick, Michael self-realized his fear of Jess becoming mad, but Rose convinces Jess to follow her and leads her to the completed Curing Array.

There, Rose sucker punches Jess to reveal the array worked when she tested it on herself to be certain it was operational. Regretful for his serum nearly destroying Jess, Michael wanted to test it first before simply giving it to Rebecca and gained so much data to benefit modern medicine, but all that was deleted by a safeguard in the disk drive. With the speech he was making and Rose's new spider strength, Jess lies about thinking over their proposal to get home to Lindsay and update her on matters. No longer trusting Michael and needing to get rid of the High Evolutionary tech, Lindsay's idea to accompany Jessica with Gerry is easily vetoed and Jess opts in for the stealth approach.

Infiltrating the building, Jess's plan is thwarted as Rose counteracted Jess's pheromones on the guards, forcing the Spider-Woman into a brawl with Rose who berates Jess's "wasted opportunity" of her powers. As Jess lectures Rose on the powers not being for her given her own past, and on suspicion of her using pheromones, Rose corrects her assumption as she simply used her natural physical allure to get Michael's attention. As Jess wouldn't give the formula and the two reached the office with the hidden lab, Rose reveals Michael's finalized transformation with the modified array using the Marchand serum as the catalyst. As it was a one time use for a cure on Rebecca, Jess rages at Michael for his action, and he enters a rage attacking her for all the problems in his life. He overpowers Jess and web nets her to a wall, but as Rebecca arrives shocked by the scene, her pleas that he let Jess alone are overruled and he renames himself Aeternum.

Solicit Synopsis

• Did you think, just because there were some done-in-one crazy action issues, that this arc WASN’T SERIOUS?!?!?!

• You are WRONG, True Believer, as this issue picks up all the Keyser Soze clues we’ve been leaving around and slaps you in the face with them.

• All we can say without spoiling more is that Jessica Drew is in for the fight of her life and you do not want to miss it!

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