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Quote1.png Ohhh, I knew Pinkie Sass-Suit had pheromone powers! But how did they work on us? Mine don't affect women. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Woman (Jess Drew)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Dazed and battered, Jess is nudged awake by Rebecca after she lost a fight with Michael, now dubbed Aeternum. Once conscious, Jess is panicked that she was flying in her sleep only to be updated on a bigger issue: there's a bomb in the back seat. With less then ten seconds, Jess grabs Rebecca and Marv, and the trio base jump from the exploding helicopter to glide to safety. Confused and unable to recall events, Rebecca informed Jess of her father having a meltdown before Rose used her pheromones to calm him and hypnotize Jess into taking her into the rigged helicopter, but Rebecca was conscious during her own hypnosis and remembered well. Too addled by events, Jess focuses on getting Rebecca to safety before thinking of how Rose controlled Michael. After a slight jest about Rebecca having a safe house with ponies, Jess immediately remembers that Rose knows where she lives, where Lindsey is babysitting Gerry.

As Rose's men break in and trash the apartment looking for the files, some of them attack Lindsey as she defends Gerry until Jess arrives in time to relieve Lindsey and dispatch the assailants. Escaping with the files and a to-go bag, Jess and Lindsey meet Rebecca in a Taxi directing to ESU where she gets special student housing after Michael made a generous donation. Shocked that her niece is working on her Master's Degree, Jess promises Rebecca her father's safe return, before asking about her mother. Rebecca details her mother Alison Jones, how she and Michael fell in love after meeting, and how they were eventually pregnant with Rebecca. Then the radiation emissions from the pregnancy slowly killed Alison and crippled Rebecca at birth, with Michael later made aware of details by Miriam and the radiation in his DNA. Michael blamed himself for Alison's death and Rebecca's physical debilitation, motivated by his personal tragedies to help people.

Arriving at Rebecca's "quarters" on ESU, she reveals that she took research and tech from Miriam and Michael to fashion her own lab for remedying herself. Despite Jessica's plea that they approach Stark for the tech needed or return to Wyndham, Rebecca remains adamant that she isn't helpless and remains motivated to save her father. As Rebecca made her own Spider-Woman suit from the materials Miriam used way back, Lindsey applauds her ingenuity while trying to convince Jess to help. Initially refusing, Jess comes around when thinking about how her own life choices at Rebecca's age were taken from her, and agrees to help Rebecca. Once they suit up, Marv is also outfitted with tactical weaponry to accompany as well.

Solicit Synopsis

• WHO IS THE AETERNUM?! He's incredibly powerful and more than happy to destroy Jessica Drew and anyone else standing in his way.

• The fight of Jess' life lands on her doorstep and puts her best friend and child in danger. Uh-oh — for Aeternum — as Jess WILL NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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