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Quote1.png See, Rebecca? It's all over. For you, your aunt, and-- at the risk of sounding egregiously villainous... your little dog too. Quote2.png
Rose Roché

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While Rebecca practices to get familiar with her combat suit, Jess voices to Lindsey her reservations on letting her niece go into a superhuman fight. So on Lindsey's advice, Jess talks with Rebecca and, seeing her determination and physical capability, begrudgingly agrees to bring her into the fray. Later, Rebecca directs Jess to help infiltrate her dad's company again to retrieve "backup" and the topic also brings up the cure for her condition, which Rebecca refuses to take. Entering the break room, Rebecca destroys a pool table and breaks into a safe to vent her frustrations on her father's easy manipulation by Rose, even though Jess tries rationalizing Michael's steadfast obsession to finding a cure. But once Rebecca finds what she was after, Rose and Michael enter the room, with Michael's monologuing on Rebecca becoming "normal" is clear that Rose is leading him. An enraged Rebecca attacks both of them out the window, falling past the windows of a residential building as Jess tries to communicate the need to not endanger civilians while also learning Michael has organic web-shooters because the male Latrodectus Aeternum spin webs, and she's miffed at not having that ability.

At ground level, Jess tries to get Rebecca to think, but Rebecca's immediate comment leads her to realize that she wasn't truly prepared, even blaming herself for events thinking that none of Rose's manipulations would have occurred had she just been cured. After hugging and one bad joke later, Jess and Rebecca move to confront Rose and Aeternum. Elsewhere, Rose is on her cell calling for a trace when a momentarily clear-minded Michael asks if she did try to kill Rebecca. When Rose dodges with a question, Michael gets aggressive and both are soon found by Jess and Rebecca, leading to Jess fighting Michael while Rebecca fights Rose. But while Jess tries to reason that Michael stop to help Rebecca instead of controlling what he thinks is best for her, Michael takes Jess over the ledge just as Rose overpowers Rebecca in their fight. Michael breaks Jess's arm once they hit the street below, threatening to break more as he is stronger. With Rose distracted by Michael fighting Jess, Rebecca sneak attacks Rose to inject her with what she took from the safe, making a Wicked Witch joke as they plummet. Remembering her time on the serum, Jess entraps Michael in a close quarters maneuver to use her suit's ability to discharge concentrated Venom Blast through Michael's body.

On the street below, Rebecca finds her father burnt by Jess's Venom Blast but alive, as Jess sees Rose seemingly aged into a quinquagenarian. Rebecca reveals she was injected with the "flu shot" that was used to disable Jess's radiation immunity powers a while back; Michael told her where to find it in case of emergencies, the irony not lost on them finding a greater effect on Rose than on Jess. But as Jess has Avengers connections to rehabilitate them, she lets Rebecca choose and she chose to leave enough money in Michael's personal funds for them to leave town, threatening to stop them should they ever return for Jess or Gerry. As Michael departs after a tearful goodbye, Jess gives Rebecca a shoulder to cry on while heading to Linda Carter's for treatment. After what they went through, Rebecca makes no plans to be a superhero and aims to run the company to repair whatever damages Michael might have made in his obsession to fix her condition, and also invites Jess to play shortstop for the company softball team.

Solicit Synopsis

• Aeternum threatened Jess' family. Now Jess is fighting back…WITH her family.

• Someone in the Drew clan suits up for the first time! Who could it be?!

• Don't miss the high-octane conclusion to this action-packed arc!

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