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Quote1.png Ahhhaaa, my best friend is on fire and jumping through a window! That's fine! That's perfectly fine! Quote2.png
Spider-Woman (Jess Drew)

Appearing in "Shoot Out at the Oh No Corral"

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Synopsis for "Shoot Out at the Oh No Corral"

At the East Harlem clinic of Linda Carter, Linda tells a frustrated Jess that she is delaying her full recovery by moving her broken arm too much, and cannot use her powers until it is healed or risk further bracing in a cast. Begrudgingly agreeing to doctor's orders, Jess asks Linda to baby sit Gerry while she visits Lindsey working as a stuntwoman for film star, Stevie Ciconia, claiming herself a Spider-Woman fan and requesting the heroine visit. There, while bemused by other film projects, Spider-Woman meets Stevie who wanted to know if she could get in touch with the Avengers to help with free press on Stevie's film. Heading to the set of the next scene, Jess hangs with stunt coordinator Gunnar, who shows Jess the sequence just before it is carried out by Lindsey.

Seeing Lindsey finish and be cleaned off of her flame retardant stunt layers, the set is attacked by actual ninjas sent for Lindsey by Madripoor gangster, Mack Duffin. Unable to use her Venom Blasts due to her broken arm, Spider-Woman is forced into melee combat with the ninjas, then asks Lindsey if she's a good mother. While Lindsey believes her to be so, Spider-Woman feels as though she has been shifting her responsibilities to be more active as a superhero. Taking down the last ninja, Jess finds that Gunnar was filming their fight and was interested in getting her to do more stunt work, to which Jess politely refuses.

With the stunt team tying down the ninjas for the NYPD to take into custody, Stevie tries again to get the Avengers for her PR by brown-nosing Spider-Woman, who promises the actress's name will come up when next she talks with the Avengers. As the Ninjas are taken away, Jess voices concern for Lindsey's wellbeing while also adamant on talking about her taking money from gangsters from Madripoor. Wanting to talk after getting cleaned, Lindsey directs Jess to the craft services table where she pends the following 20 minutes eating up. However, upon her return to Lindsey's trailer, Jess is shocked to find it ransacked and the message "This is all your fault, Jessica Drew!" on the mirror. Jess questioning what the hell is happening.

Solicit Synopsis


• Jess is still recovering from the epic showdown with her brother, Aeternum.

• She decides to visit her friend, stuntwoman Lindsay McCabe, on set.

• But wait… Those assassins aren't in the movie! And they're after Lindsay!


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