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Quote1.png Nice try, but I'm here-- for one reason. To finally-- kick. Your. &%$#!!! Quote2.png
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Appearing in "And Now Everything Happens"

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  • Krazy Goat's Monster Truck

Synopsis for "And Now Everything Happens"

Outside her front door, Jessica Drew comes face to face with the Anti-Arach9 who attack her home as Jess saves the pizza guy from a crashing monster truck. Getting into her super suit, Jessica reflects on her past encounters with her enemies newly united-- except the truck driver, he remains a mystery to her. Unsurprised to find Octavia Vermis among them, she notes the team name branding before climbing up, calling Carol to evacuate Rebecca and Gerry from the scene. Carol agrees and removes them via flying away from the scene, despite Rebecca's protest to want to help given that her father is among the villains. Inside, Lady Bullseye is accompanied by Los Espadas Gemelas as they race to the roof via the stairs, but are intercepted by Lindsay McCabe. While Lindsay does her best with a child's high seat, she is knocked down by Los Espadas and takes injury.

On the roof, Jess fights the Brothers Grimm noting she doesn't keep them in mind, and Stegron attacking her for her recent past theft[1] but he doesn't attack Octavia due to his attraction to her. Overpowering Jess, he throws her threw several floors onto Los Espadas, luckily rescuing Lindsay. As Stegron charges, Jess informs him that Octavia helped steal his DNA for a cure for Jess's condition[2] and showcases her recovery by countering his attack with a body throw into the wall. Ignoring a bad joke from Lindsay, Jess gets Lady Bullseye's attention recalling the jetpack incident[3] but throws her into the path of Barton Grimes's attack, handing Lindsay her katana. Attacking Percy mistaking him for Barton, Jess just tells him that she fought them long ago and barely even remembers them, not sure why they're attacking now.

Flanked by Los Espadas, they nearly overwhelm Jess until Lindsay joins in and uses the katana to deflect a pierce by Ray and crushed both of his robotic hands. Jess and Lindsay cooperate to takedown the swashbuckling brothers, cracking wise sending them back to Ohio despite not being from there. Leaving Lindsay to go face her enemies, Jess is blindsided by a sudden thwip and brought before Octavia and the rest of the Anti-Arach9 taking turns beating on her. Carol returns with a tactical helicopter from Rebecca's persuasion, as the cargo container attached to it is equipped with a T-Rex with gatling guns for arms, ridden by Rebecca in her combat gear. Rebecca attacks her father Aeternum for his return, voicing how it was his blinded ambition and easy manipulation by Rose Roché that turned him into a villain. Jess intercepts Rose before she can interfere with Rebecca's fight, breaking Rose's arms equipped with magic bracers, drawing Aeternum's attention for a fight.

At the front door, Krazy Goat (Perry P. Parish) awakens to an auditory hallucination of his departed wife's image. Reminding him that their dream monster truck was meant for love not revenge, and he hears her say she knows he'll do the right thing. As Jess is on the ground in pain, counting down how many of them she took down and debating if the Grimms or Espadas count as one or two, Rebecca swats her father off of Jess. However, Octavia throws her pet at Rebecca to then hijack her tactical assault t-rex, and readies to attack Jess. But Krazy Goat arrives in time to ram the T-Rex and send Octavia flying, and Jess beats her down without care for her rant about how she and her are similar. Dispatching a fury of attacks, Jess finishes her combo with a Venom Blast Kick to Octavia's skull, knocking her out.

Tired, Jess rests for a second while Lindsay still asks if they're still going to Madripoor and Jess painfully confirms. Once Carol arrives with Gerry and Rebecca asks their next step, Jess opts for the usual path and send the villains to a long term prison stint, even if it is doubtful. Still needing to catch her flight with Lindsay, and wash her suit smelling of dinosaur, she plans to gather what remains of their luggage. Across from them, Perry calls for a tow truck and uses his gold auto club membership to expedite the process. After Jess is recomposed, she situates herself on a rooftop overlooking the city, reflecting on her unfinished business and expects an adventure. She is Jessica Drew, and she is Spider-Woman.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spider-Woman's Rogues' Gallery has been slowly being pumped up over the last year and a half, and it's all led to this:

• THE ANTI-ARACH-9 are here, and Jess and everyone she loves are in serious trouble!


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