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Quote1.png My mum's not dead, I have a brother, you both lied to me then made me sick to get me to help you! This is perfectly great and normal!!! Quote2.png

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In her home atop Wundagore, Miriam explained to Jessica that after her powers developed and Hydra took her, Miriam fled from her husband to hide her pregnancy with Michael from the world, and had him raised by her cousins, the Marchands, in America as their own. She also explained that Hydra kept Jessica in a specialized stasis which slowed her aging to where Michael is now physically older in spite his compared youth. Now together and possessing the spider, Miriam can refine a cure; the biological components of which only affect Jess and Rebecca, as research was used specifically for females. Jess turned livid upon hearing Miriam faked her death with a clone, and that Miriam made the suit Big Ronnie gave her to spy on her as she studied the effects of her lost immunity. As Jess tried to remove the suit, their location is found by Octavia Vermis and her private army of LMDs; Miriam and Michael prepare the mountain defenses, aa still clueless Jess joined the fighting. After Miriam readied her Hybrids for Michael, Jess and Rebecca to ride into battle against Octavia's forces, her control tower was hit by an RPG, forcing the trio return and lock the blast doors behind. Despite helping Miriam, Octavia knocked down the doors herself, demanding the research Miriam hid related to a compatriot, not her husband's. A defiant Jess readied for another fight, but once Octavia orders her troops open fire, Miriam pushed the bemused Jess into the line of fire.

Solicit Synopsis


• Spider-Woman finds herself in the last place on Earth she wants to be: Wundagore Mountain.

• What could possibly bring Jess back to the place that gave her powers? Who would put someone through that trauma? The answers will shock you!

• It’s about to get very, VERY personal.

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